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06.10.10 : Exaggerated Worth | True Letting Go & Being At Ease | Animal Liberation | True Positive & Realistic Thinking

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  • NamoAmituofo
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      The Daily Enlightenment
       Quote: Exaggerated Worth

      Attachment arises
      from [seeing] exaggerated worth
      [in the fleeting].

      - Stonepeace | Comment | More 

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       Realisation: The True Meaning of Letting Go & Being At Ease

      Let go only of your attachment, aversion and delusion; 
      never your generosity, loving-kindness and wisdom.

      - Stonepeace

      On one of those customary birthday cards passed around the workplace, I saw these words written - 'fangxia zizai' (放下,自在), which means 'Let go to be at ease'. As I couldn't make out the signature, I couldn't ask about why it was written. Is it advice or a well-meaning wish based on some incident? I reflected about what I could have seemed 'attached' to at work, remembering years ago when a colleague remarked that I am 'attached to the Buddhadharma' (Buddha's teachings). It was very bizarre because I work as a Dharma researcher, teacher and writer. Isn't it important to meticulously distill the true Dharma to accurately deliver it to benefit others? If the Buddha himself was lax and not particular about what he taught, we would have contradicting and confusing Dharma today! 

      I wondered if I was attached to certain principles beyond work matters. Well, there is the occasional definitely casual email to urge colleagues to eat less animals, to give recommended animal-free products a try. There's nothing to gain on my part, while I know animals would not want anyone to simply 'let go and be at ease' with the rest of the world eating them, to not speak up for their plight. The Buddha repeatedly spoke up for the welfare creatures great and small too. Such emails are easy to ignore anyway, and yes, many do just that. If our compassion is incomplete in embracing all for all time, how can we vow to help all for all time, to thereby become Buddhas?

      So when do we really 'let go'? After we have done our best in the moment to better the situation with our compassion and wisdom. If the Buddha let go of all after his enlightenment, he would have no compassion to share the Dharma. When should we 'be at ease'? From moment to moment, just as the Buddha was ever at ease while sharing the Dharma. It is a huge misconception that being at ease comes only after letting go. Guanyin Bodhisattva is also called 'Guanzizai', which means, 'the one who contemplates at ease', while s/he is ever active in helping those in need without attachment. When 'fangxia zizai' becomes compassionless indifference, it is time to be 'buzizai' (not 'at ease') and 'fangxia fangxia' (let go of the wrong 'letting go')! 

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      Shen Shi'an | Comment | More 
        Read more in TDE Book 4

      It is a spiritual disease to sigh 
      at those deemed working 'too' hard to share the Dharma, 
      as it is to sigh at those deemed working 'too' little, 
      if what one does is only sigh, because it is not helpful to anyone at all. 

      - Stonepeace

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       Excerpt: Introduction to Animal Liberation

      May all beings have free physical lives 
      for freely furthering their spiritual lives.

      - Stonepeace

      Buy animals that are definitely going to be slaughtered and keep them in large containers. The animals can be large or small; larger animals experience more suffering when killed. Be careful of the relationship between the animals to ensure that you do not place together an animal and its natural predator. Place the containers close to the point of release and keep them shaded from the hot sun. The place for releasing the animals should be safe from natural predators, and you should not release animals that are prey and predator at the same place.

      Be mindful of the condition of the animals you are liberating. For those that might not survive long, it is best to bless a bucket of water before going to the place where the animals will be released. When you arrive at the place of release, carry the animals around the altar as many times as possible at the very beginning, before the chanting of prayers and mantras, in case some of the animals die. Some of the fish might die because if are piled up on top of each other and cannot breathe. If the circumambulations are done immediately, even if some of the animals die before release, they will have purified negative karma and created many causes of enlightenment, liberation from samsara, and good rebirth. If the circumambulations have been done, you don't need to feel so much regret if some of the animals die while you are reciting mantras, blessing the water, or doing the prayers.

      Generate the motivation, recite a few mantras and blow on the animals or sprinkle them with blessed water. Then quickly release the ones that are having difficulties. You can recite more mantras and prayers before liberating the animals that are in good condition. It is important to check the condition of the animals because otherwise the weak animals may die before thy can be released. Be careful not to cause any additional harm to the animals.

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