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14.01.10 : Let's End Regrets | Why Veganism is Not an Extreme Way of Life | The Seeing of Magic in the Ordinary | An 'Avatar' for All the Oppressed

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      The Daily Enlightenment
       Quote: Let's End Regrets

      Since the slightest regret binds us to Samsara,
      spiritual cultivation is the process of resolving regrets.

      - Stonepeace: http://twitter.com/stonepeace

       The TDE Collection
       Realisation: Why Veganism is Not an Extreme Way of Life

      How can you save all beings from suffering,
      if you keep eating some of these beings?

      - Stonepeace
      Do you know that the Buddha gradually and skilfully encouraged vegetarianism as the kinder and wiser diet of choice? We all know that while mere abstention from animal produce by itself does not lead to enlightenment, consuming animal produce is a spiritual hindrance if it is due to continual greed for taste, lack of compassion and/or sustenance of delusion. Well, can you imagine a Buddha craving for a juicy burger made from a helpless cow? Of course not! Yet, every once in a while, I’m accused of being an extremist just because I’m a vegan (i.e. a vegetarian who also does not use any animal-derived products), who speak up for animals. But if vegans do not speak for them, how can the animals’ suffering be heard, when their screams of pain and terror are muted away from their consumers?

      What about those who insist it is perfectly alright to endlessly devour murdered animals, and demand stuff derived from exploiting them? Who are the true extremists? As the truth is often hard to swallow, I don’t and can't force vegan views (or food) down any human throat, while animals’ throats are forcibly cut, while they and their produce are swallowed and (ab)used with glee. Male calves get swiftly killed due to being unproductive. Milk cows are murdered later for beef and leather. Male chicks get swiftly killed due to being unproductive. Egg hens are murdered later for meat and feathers. Silkworms are killed for scarves. Bees are killed for honey (during harvesting). Sheep are killed for wools (when they are considered useless). Foxes are killed for furs...

      ‘… who do not wear silk, leather boots, furs…, or consume milk, cream, or butter can truly transcend the world’ [i.e. be liberated]. So eventually taught the Buddha in the Surangama Sutra, who did not immediately advocate veganism… probably because he knew too well that we are so attached to animal produce, that to speak of veganism at the beginning, few would accept it – even as a simple practice of universal compassion. Though the compassionate Buddha never insisted that all his followers must be (full) vegetarians or vegans in their present lifetimes, it is a Bodhisattva precept that Buddhas-to-be must be so in time, since all Buddhas are perfect in compassion. More than a mere diet, veganism is surely no extreme way of life, for it is part of the ultimate Middle Path of Bodhisattvas in training - to minimise harm to beings and to maximise their protection from fear and danger. It is a noble guide to how we should relate to sentient beings… as fellow friends; not slaves on death row. Though a leap to veg*ism might seem too far to you for now, why not reduce consumption of animal produce? Thank you... on the behalf of the animals, for considering! Amituofo. Shen Shi'anhttp://facebook.com/shenshian

      How can you wish all beings to be well and happy,
      if you keep eating some of these beings?

      - Stonepeace

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       Excerpt: The Seeing of Magic in the Ordinary

      With deep mindful experience of the world,
      everything in it is great magic.

      - Stonepeace

      'The Little Prince' by Antoine de Saint Exupery is another wonderful example of literature that evokes the sense of ordinary, or elemental, magic. At one point in this story, the little prince is very lonely and wants the fox to play with him, but the fox says that he cannot play unless he is tamed. The little prince asks the meaning of the word 'tame.' The fox explains that it means 'to establish ties' i such a way that the fox will become unique to the little prince, and the prince unique to the fox. Later, the fox has been tamed and the little prince must leave him, the fox also tells the prince what he calls 'my secret, a very simple secret,' which is, 'it is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.'

      Saint Exupery has a different vocabulary here for describing the discovery of the magic, or drala, but the experience is basically the same. Discovering drala is indeed to establish ties to your world, so that each perception becomes unique. It is to see with the heart, so that what is visible to the eye becomes visible as the living magic of reality. There may be thousands or billions or perceptions, but they are still one. If you see one candle, you know exactly what all the candles in the whole world look like. They are all made out of fire, flame. Seeing one drop of water can be seeing all water.

      Drala could almost be called an entity. It is not quite on the level of a god or gods, but it is an individual strength that does exist. Therefore, we not only speak of drala principle, but we speak of meeting the "dralas." The dralas are the elements of reality - water of water, fire of fire, earth of earth - anything that connects you with elemental quality of reality, anything that reminds you of the depth of perception. There are dralas in the rocks or the trees or the mountains or a snowflake or a clod of dirt. Whatever is there, whatever you come across in your life, those are the dralas of reality. When you make that connection with the elemental quality of the world, you are meeting dralas on the spot; at that point, you are meeting them. That is the basic existence of which all human beings are capable. We always have possibilities of discovering magic, whether it is medieval times or the twentieth century, the possibility of magic is always there.

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