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#431: Buttons & The 6 Perfections

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    TheDailyEnlightenment #431 ~Share your Enlightenment Here! ______________________________ Realization: Buttons & The 6 Perfections Note: Pushing one s
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2000
      TheDailyEnlightenment #431 ~Share your Enlightenment Here!
      : Buttons & The 6 Perfections
      Note: "Pushing one's buttons" means making one upset.
      We all have our buttons- our attachments which make us upset when provoked.
      The bolded qualities below are the 6 Perfections-
      the core practices of ones aspiring to be Bodhisattvas (enlightened beings who help enlighten other beings)
      A Bodhisattva does not take "himself" seriously-
      because he realised he has no self.
      You can push his buttons all the way-
      and he stays cool.
      He takes it in good nature-
      because he realised his empty nature.
      In fact, he has no real buttons at all,
      and he helps others understand they have none either.
      An unenlightened Sentient Being takes himself too seriously-
      as if he has a real self to protect from the rest of the world.
      You need only gently nudge a button or two-
      and he loses his cool.
      He takes it personally-
      because he had yet to realise impersonality (non-self).
      We are somewhere in between (I hope).
      We are sentient beings trying to realise the ultimate reality,
      of our ultimate unreality- we and our buttons.
      This is cultivating Wisdom.
      We are trying to be button-free,
      practising to react less and less easily,
      by the button-pushing "other" sentient beings.
      This is cultivating Patience (perseverance).
      And in practising,
      we practise pushing less and less buttons of others,
      especially as part of our practice of refraining from reacting
      from button-pushers pushing our buttons.
      This is cultivating Morality (precepts),
      this is cultivating Compassion.
      When we know what buttons pushed bring happiness to other beings,
      even if it is only a relative happiness (not absolute),
      we practise pushing them,
      to bring them happiness, to urge them towards True Happiness.
      This is cultivating Generosity.
      And even if others do not respond to our kindness kindly,
      time and again,
      we carry on our practice relentlessly,
      no matter how hard others' buttons are to push...
      This is cultivating Energy (vigour).
      But at the end of the day,
      there has to be some inner practice,
      looking within to realise the selflessness, buttonlessness of all.
      This is practising Meditation.
      And there you have it-
      how buttons relate to the 6 Perfections.
      And if you find the above a drag, wee too long...
      then I'm afraid I'd just pressed your "impatient" button!
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