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03.07.09: Feeding on Violence | MJ: Who is It? | The Very Assuring Four Assurances | One Confronting Ten Thousand

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      How can there be peace on Earth
      as long as humans feed
      on violence in slaughterhouses?

      - Stonepeace (Twitter:http://twitter.com/stonepeace)

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      Michael Jackson: Who is It?
      Depeche Mode: Peace

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      Realisation: The Very Assuring Four Assurances 

      No one truly believes that doing evil will beget any good,
      especially if evil is done to one by others for their own 'good'. - Stonepeace

      The Kalama Sutta is best known for the Buddha's very sound list of criteria for rejection or acceptance of any spiritual teachings, including his own. Among other remarkable sets of teachings found in this sutta is its last section, which is often overlooked. Here, the Buddha clearly illustrates the great wisdom of cultivating a pure mind free of enmity and ill will, which wins one the Four Assurances (Solaces) within this very life.  

      The First Assurance won is based on the truth that if there is an afterlife, in which good and evil done in the present life bears consequences, one would be bound for a fortunate rebirth. The Second Assurance won is based on the truth that if there is no afterlife, thus not having good and evil done in the present life bearing consequences later, one would still live happily in this life, due to current freedom from enmity and ill will. 

      The Third Assurance won is based on the truth that if suffering does follow the doers of evil, and since one does not have any ill intentions towards any, one would not be afflicted with suffering. The Fourth Assurance won is based on the truth that if suffering does not follow the doers of evil, one is doubly assured - since one does no evil anyway. The Four Assurances also show how even lack of belief in karma or rebirth should not deter purification of one's mind!
       - Shen Shi'an (Twitter: http://twitter.com/shenshian)

      Joke: Don't believe in rebirth? Well, maybe next life!

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      Excerpt: One Confronting Ten Thousand


      Even if you have 84,000 stray thoughts, they can only attack you one at a time.
      Even if you have 84,000 stray thoughts, they can be subdued by mindfulness of Buddha. - Stonepeace

      What is commonly known as practice means simply to accord with whatever state of mind you’re in, so as to purify and relinquish the deluded thoughts and traces of your habit tendencies. Exerting your effort here is called practice. If within a single moment deluded thinking suddenly ceases, you will thoroughly perceive your own mind and realize it is vast and open, bright and luminous, intrinsically perfect and complete. This state, being originally pure, devoid of a single thing, is called enlightenment. Apart from this mind, there is no such thing as cultivation or enlightenment. The essence of your mind is like a mirror and all the traces of deluded thoughts and clinging to conditions are defiling dust of the mind. Your conception of appearances or characteristics or forms is this dust, and your emotional consciousness is the defilement. If all the deluded thoughts melt away, the intrinsic essence will reveal itself of its own accord. It’s like when the defilements is polished away, the mirror regains its clarity. It is the same with Dharma.

      However, our habits, defilements, and self-clinging accumulated throughout aeons and have become solid and deep-rooted. Fortunately, having the guidance of a good spiritual friend is a causing condition that can influence our being, thus resulting in augmenting our internal prajna [wisdom for liberation]. Having realized that prajna [which is] is inherent in us, we will be able to arouse the Bodhi-mind [Bodhicitta] and steer our direction toward the aspiration of relinquishing the cyclic existence of birth and death. This is the path of uprooting the roots of birth and death accumulated through aeons all at once in a subtle matter. If you are not someone with great strength and ability, brave enough to shoulder such a burden and to cut through directly to this matter without the slightest hesitation, then this task will be extremely difficult. An ancient one has said, "This matter is like one person confronting ten thousand enemies." These are not false words. - From the Discourse Record of Master Hanshan Deqing

      Shattering the Great Doubt: The Chan Practice of Huatou (Chan Master Sheng Yen)
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