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15.05.09 : Palace that Became an Inn for All | How Things Don't Exist From Their Own Side

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      Realisation: The Palace that Became an Inn for All

      https://ec.yimg.com/ec?url=http%3A%2F%2Fthedailyenlightenment.com%2Fpics%2F170.gif&t=1503124700&sig=A_ZpSJxyxGCJGiXSPH.B5Q--~D All that you cannot leave behind is all that you should share now. - Stonepeace

      A respected monk arrived at the gates of a King's grand palace. Due to his great fame, none of the guards dared to halt him as he entered the hall where the King was seated on his throne. The following conversation ensued. 

      King: Dear Venerable Sir, how may I assist you?
      Monk: I would like somewhere to spend the night in this inn.
      King: You have mistaken! This is no inn - it's my palace!
      Monk: Who owned this place before you?
      King: My late father.
      Monk: And who ruled it before him?
      King: My grandfather, who is also deceased.
      Monk: If this is where people come to live only for a while before leaving, why is it not an inn?
      King: I am so sorry! This is indeed an inn. Your stay is most welcome!

      The monk had wanted to remind the King of the irrefutable truth of transience, of all things material and even mental, of the fleeting nature of his life, wealth and status - despite wielding great power. Similar to the King, wherever we live, be it a big house or a small apartment, is like a hotel. Even the most valuable material things within are but items in a hotel, temporally 'loaned' to us for use. As much as we might wish to live in this hotel forever, we can never - unless we realise the path to transcend the cycle of life and death. Even this body that we have, which we think is ours to rule over is a hotel which we live in, for usually less than a hundred more years! If so, may we use 'our' body wisely and share 'our' posessions kindly!
       - Shen Shi'an

      Even your karma is not yours to have, but to change and transcend. - Stonepeace

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      Excerpt: How Things Don't Exist From Their Own Side


      If everything existed independently, there would be no interdependent interaction of anything. - Stonepeace

      The masters use many example to show how things do not exist from their own side. One of the most effective examples is of the coiled rope being perceived as a snake when certain circumstances arise, such as seeing it at dusk by a roadside. From the coiled rope's own side there is nothing at all that is a snake as it comes completely from the side of the person... But even if it were a snake, likewise there would be nothing at all from its side that is a snake; even then it comes completely from the side of the consciousness perceiving it.

      There is nothing from the snake's side that is inherently 'snake'; and nothing from the rope's side that is inherently 'rope.'... Surely, then, we can label anything on anything and it will be valid. There must be something from the snake's side that determines it is a snake as opposed to a rope... However, the mind perceiving the rope as a snake and the mind perceiving the rope as a rope are two different minds, and quite simply the first is wrong and the second is correct...

      The gap through which the argument falls is the tiny but crucial one of inherent existence. There is nothing from either the rope's side 'by way of its own nature' or from the snake's side 'by way of its own nature' that makes either inherently a snake, and in that sense a consciousness that perceives an inherent snake as an inherent snake is just as mistaken as a consciousness that perceives an inherent rope as an inherent snake.

      Emptiness (The Foundation of Buddhist Thought Vol.5) Geshe Tashi Tsering
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