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06.02.09 : Do Bad Parents Karmically Beget Bad Kids? | Veganism as a Buddhist Ethical Ideal

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      Realisation: Do Bad Parents Karmically Beget Bad Kids?

      Parental genetic inheritance is llusiory as we 'inherit' similar but personal karmic tendencies from our past.

      There is a common misunderstanding that negative karma from parents can be passed on to their children, as if karma can be 'transfered' via inherited genes. This idea is hard to debunk because it can seem true that parents who do much evil beget say, offsprings with poor health from birth. The Buddhist teachings do not advocate the belief that 'original sin' from one generation can infect the next, for this would invalidate the otherwise natural but fair workings of karma, whereby one only enjoys/suffers the good/ill fruits cultivated personally.

      How is it so that evil parents suffer via their children? Isn't this unfair to the kids? When children suffer, it is a result of their own karmic fruition, just as suffering of the parents is a result of their own karma. However, their suffering intersects via interaction as the parents suffer the pains of caring for the children, who might also suffer from not being well cared for. As such, it's not so much that parents suffer through their children or children through their parents; it's a matter of them suffering together due to the play of collective karma.

      Conversely, parents who do good tend to beget good children. Even though the children's well-being is a result of their own karma, it still does make sense to cultivate goodness - to karmically deserve and thus attract better children! While 'birds' of similar karmic 'feathers' flock together as family, individual karma still exists. No one is doomed to suffer with one's family as karma is dynamic, up to us to 'tweak' with new karma created, which creates fresh potential to dilute and thus transform past karmic potentials. Take charge today! – Shen Shi'an

      Goodness is more powerful than evil because merits can be shared (but not negative karma). - Stonepeace

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      Excerpt: Veganism as a Buddhist Ethical Ideal

       Cows and chickens are killed when they produce too little milk and eggs.

      Is veganism advocated in the Buddhist teachings? Consider this passage from the highly revered Surangama Sutra [by the Buddha] - 'How then can those who practise great compassion feed on the flesh and blood of living beings? If bhiksus [monastics] do not wear garments made of silk, boots of local leather and furs, and refrain from consuming milk, cream and butter, they will really be liberated from the worldly…' (See more at http://moonpointer.com/bvf.php?itemid=384) The above can be seen as the Mahayanist urge to be vegan - out of great compassion... [Continue at http://www.moonpointer.com/index1.php?itemid=2449]

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