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Are You Randomly Managing Your Life?

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      Realisation: Are You Randomly Managing Your Life?

      To live unmindfully is to squander your blessings carelessly. - stonepeace

      A friend complained to me about suffering under a manager who "practises" random management. It is not even a genuine "practice" - in the sense that there is no real skill, mindfulness or diligence involved. In fact, it is not even proper management - which is why it is called "random". But what exactly is "random management"? Well, his boss "manages" workplace personnel matters based on random hearsay and spotchecks. If, for instance, she hears someone badmouth an employee convincingly, she assumes the slander is true. It works vice versa too - if someone sings her praises convincingly, she assumes it is true. It is random because this is the only feedback she gets - other than the inaccurate perspectives from her personally biased and superficial impressions of staff.

      The cunning who are aware of her random management can thus unrandomly manipulate her according to their whims and fancies - by feeding her what they want her to know - which need not be true. Because the manager never investigates what she is told, she is often misled into thinking she has the exclusive whole truth. In the mean time, the honest workers who are unable to keep up with the cunning are sidelined. In the mean time, the workplace starts to rot inside-out without the manager knowing - especially when the worthy are letdown and leave. This manager is really no manager. She is instead managed by the unworthy ones around her to their advantage, and ultimately to her own disadvantage in time - when the company collapses due to being overrun by the incompetent.

      This is really not an article entirely about office politics. It is about the general danger of managing your life in a random manner both in and out of the workplace. For instance, in the realm of friendship, if you blindly believe in unchecked rumours, you could easily lose a misunderstood friend. Likewise, if you judge a person's worth by a single moment of observation, you are likely to miss his character in full, and lose the opportunity of making a true friend. The opposite of random management is active inquiry for the complete truth with its multiple facets. This is exactly the same attitude to have when investigating for spiritual truth in study and meditation - where the mind trains to discern and realise reality in its totality. Enlightenment is never attained by managing your mind randomly! - Yizhen

      Nice words are not always true; true words are not always nice. 
      - stonepeace

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