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One Who Sees the Dharma Sees the Buddha

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      One Who Sees the Dharma Sees the Buddha 

      https://ec.yimg.com/ec?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.thedailyenlightenment.com%2Fpics%2F623.jpg&t=1516412529&sig=iwB1gPldeT_1.l8Tjpn9sA--~D The more the Dharma is seen, the more is the Buddha(-nature) within seen.
      - stonepeace

      Once, the monk Vakkali, who was ill, tried to rise to greet the approaching Buddha. Assuring him there was no need to, the Buddha asked if he was getting better. Replying that there were no signs of improvement, the Buddha asked if he had any doubts or regrets - to which he said he had much - though he had nothing to reproach himself morally. Revealing that he was troubled by being unable to go forth to see the Buddha, the latter admonished, "Enough, Vakkali! What is there to see in this vile body? He who sees Dhamma (truth; or the teachings that lead to realising the truth), Vakkali, sees me; he who sees me sees Dhamma. Truly seeing Dhamma, one sees me; seeing me one sees Dhamma." (from Vakkali Sutta)

      The Buddha never required us to bask in his magnificence. What he wishes is for all to become just as glorious. When we are attached to the form of the beloved, we miss the essence of what is lovely - which is beyond form. And what is more lovely than the Dhamma, which leads to freedom from all dissatisfactions upon knowing and seeing it? Stonepeace once said, "Becoming someone better is better than finding or being with someone better." True indeed. Even when one is always with the beloved, one can never have and hold the essence of that perceived as lovely. The only way to become "one" with the beloved is not in body, but in mind. When we realise the Dhamma fully, we become "one" with the Buddhas. 

      Vakkali was so obsessed with the Buddha's appearance, that he became a monk just to be near him. Apart from eating and bathing, he spent his time tirelessly meditating on his form. This led the Buddha to order his departure - so as reduce his attachment, and to urge mindfulness on the Dhamma he taught instead. Skilfully guided by the Buddha, Vakkali was able to transform his great faith and devotion, becoming an Arahant eventually. He just needed to shift attention from the Buddha's body to the "body" of the Buddhadhamma (Dhamma teachings of the Buddha). Just as forms are transient while the Dhamma is not, the liberation and bliss attained by realising the Dhamma truly lasts. How wonderful! - Shen Shi'an
      As the Buddhas and the Sangha realised, the Dharma is the core of the Triple Gem. - stonepeace

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