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Working Harder At Our Real Work

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      TheDailyEnlightenment.com Weekly 08.05.08

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      Working Harder At Our Real Work

      http://www.thedailyenlightenment.com/pics/102.gif Your work is to discover your work and to put your heart into it. - saying

      A news report on elderly workers who refuse to retire quotes one of them - "I have to work. I can't just sit around and do nothing. That is not my nature." Though he has children who are happy to support him, he insists on working. This seems perfectly admirable at first - wanting to be productive even when old. But is this always entirely wise? Hmmm... Do we often work simply out of habit, because it would be boring or disturbing not to? If so, isn't this itself disturbing? Whether retired or not, isn't it high time we think about this? Work is endless, but this life is not!

      Actually, to "sit around" (in meditation) can accomplish much; it need not be "doing nothing", though that takes meditative skill too! It can be spiritually fulfilling to occasionally retreat from the mundane routine of work, so as to increase peace and clarity of mind. Meditation helps us to look after our mind - to recognise and remove the roots of feeling existentially inadequate - with or without work! Meditation can be very interesting. It is not at all bleak or dry. Anyway, it is the mind that decides what interests it! As the mysterious mind has always been the first, present and final frontier to explore and conquer, meditation offers the ultimate adventures!

      Many of us would rather keep busy - not so much to be useful "to society"; but to unmindfully procrastinate the need for self-reflection. Who are we really? Are we defined only by our work? Is our work overrated? Who are we when not at work? Is True Happiness conditioned by our work? What is the worthiest work? Does it need wages to be satisfying? Why are we not doing it? Ours is a world of dust, that needs cleaning... but so does our mind. We owe it to ourselves to be spiritually productive to benefit ourselves too, instead of just being beneficial to others in worldly ways. Let's work harder at it! - Shen Shi'an

      Join the work of the enlightened, by becoming enlightened, by helping to enlighten. - stonepeace

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