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The Danger in Lying

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      Realisation: The Danger of Lying


      The concealing of a small truth can be the beginning of
      great deceit. - stonepeace

      Lying to others is also lying to oneself... as one deludes oneself into believing one can get away with it. Concealing the truth with the ill intention to deceive is a form of lying too. Even if not discovered by others, the repercussions of conscience and karma will catch up with oneself. Beware - for lying is one of the simplest way evil begins to grow. Precious are those who do not lie for selfish benefits at all. The ones truthful to oneself and others truly deserve realisation of the ultimate Truth, which leads to liberation. Those who lie much though, are unwise in not upholding or treasuring truths, much less able to seek and discover the Truth.


      The Buddha once uttered this grave warning - "For the person who transgresses in one thing, I tell you, there is no evil deed that is not to be done. Which one thing? This: telling a deliberate lie. The person who lies, who transgress in this one thing, transcending concern for the world beyond: there's no evil he might not do." (Iti 25) For some time, I'd wondered why lying could be so serious, till I read that one who lies has greater tendency to not hesitate to do other unwholesome deeds, as one can simply lie to conceal when asked about them. The more one seems to "get away" with it, the more habitual it becomes.


      Often, those discovered lying are never confronted openly - out the fear of the liars' further treachery targeted at them. Victims can be so disappointed and disgusted that they simply steer clear. However, the liars would have lost the trust of these people indefinitely, without the liars "knowing" what exactly went wrong. The victims might spread the truth about the liar though, so as to warn others, leading to distrust by more. Whether caught lying or not, liars should thus confess and repent for their lies - for their own sake and others', to end the compounding of negative karma from the vicious cycle of distrust. - Shen Shi'an


      What truth do you seek in this world, when you are not truthful to this world? - stonepeace 

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