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A Ball Game Called "Life"

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      TheDailyEnlightenment.comWeekly 12.10.07

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      Realisation: A Ball Game Called "Life"

      http://www.thedailyenlightenment.com/pics/506.jpgPlay well, for even the games you play is your life in the moment.
       - stonepeace

      It had been some time since I last played squash. Entering the court to practise alone, I was using a ball that I wasn't sure I would like. For the unfamiliar, in squash, you hit and receive a ball against a wall. There are different speeds for squash balls though - ranging from "extra super slow" to "fast". Upon the first serve, I immediately lamented of the ball being way too slow. Frustrated that the ball lacked the wanted bounce, I hit it harder - too hard in fact. Being rusty in skill, it became a punishing game, as I scrambled to and fro to receive the over-energised ball. It was so exhausting I had to pause after a mere five minutes. Almost feeling faint from the strain and astonishment, a slight cold sweat broke out.

      After some rest, I resumed play. Being more used to the ball and less attached to to expectations, I hit it just right - neither too hard nor too soft - the "Middle Path", so to speak. As I played, I gradually recalled how I used to enjoy the game. It needn't be punishing at all. Like all games, it's supposed to be fun. In golf, the harder you hit, the farther you walk. Likewise, in squash, the harder you hit with less measured strokes, the more you need to dash all over the place. So what if the ball was deemed too slow? The resentment doesn't help at all. The ball was not out to punish me. Neither were the walls and floor which the ball bounced off. From moment to moment, they simply reflected my chosen energy input and impatience.

      Playing solo, the only "opponent" was me - for I am the only truly "live" variable. However, I'm in control of the "competition" between the wiser and the "darker" sides within. It's like the "game" of life... When the factors of your life are relatively "static", the "ball" is in your court. How do you respond? How you think affects what you do - what you do affects what you experience - what you experience affects how you think... Any challenge is ultimately karmically put forth and faced by me. The game is just the "rebounding" of physical and mental cause and effect at play. Also, I chose the ball, and I chose to play. There is absolutely no one to blame. I might as well learn to play well, and in the process learn to better myself.
      Shen Shi'an: moonpointer.com

      As long as there is attachment and aversion, even a game is never just a game. - stonepeace

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