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Are You A Dharma Protector or Destroyer?

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      Realisation: Are You A Dharma Protector or Destroyer?


      The diligent do not expect Dharma Protectors to help; they become Dharma Protectors to help. - stonepeace

      A friend who was chatting with a Buddhist teacher learnt something interesting on the nature of spiritual obstacles. He remarked that creating and sustaining worthy Buddhist projects is a constant challenge because they face obstacles in a twofold way. On the one hand, protective Dharma deities (who might be Bodhisattvas) who demand high quality might create obstacles when a slipshod job is done. On the other hand, destructive demons who demand low quality might also create obstacles when a good job is being done. You might think that this talk of deities and demons seems superstitous, but the Buddha did teach about their existence. Though unseen most of the time, they exist both literally and figuratively.

      However, if you prefer a more "down to earth" approach, you can think of these "deities" as anyone who is concerned with helping good causes, including Buddhist ones, while these "demons" can be anyone who is bent with wanting goodness and Buddhism to decline. In this sense, these "deities and demons" can be humans too. The first are Dharma Protectors who  safeguard and promote the Buddha's teachings, while the latter are Dharma Destroyers who does the opposite, having been overwhelmed with greed, hatred and delusion. Realistically, by the nature of our unenlightened good and evil thoughts, words and deeds, most of us alternate between being Dharma Protectors and Destroyers to varying extents and durations.

      Another interesting thing learnt is that comparatively, it is easier for the average person to do evil than to do good. The more good one strives to do, the harder is it to be accomplished. This is likened to more effort needed to scale a higher mountain for a greater goal. The higher one goes, the more obstacles there are - especially when one's efforts are for benefitting many beings. The nobler one's goal is, the more "demons" are there who wish to thwart one's efforts - because there is nothing more the evil wish than for good efforts to go down the drain. Another friend exclaimed that if this is the Dharma-ending Age, there are more demons than protectors. If so, what should we do? Strive on! We can be Dharma Protectors too! -Shen Shi'an

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      - stonepeace
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