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Flowers, Stars & Puppies

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      TheDailyEnlightenment.comWeekly 13.07.07

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      Realisation: Flowers, Stars & Puppies

      http://www.thedailyenlightenment.com/pics/477.jpg Since we come and go, know what we come and go for. - stonepeace

      There was a girl who fell in love with many things. She would fall in love with a newly blossomed flower. She would fall in love with the rising stars. She would fall in love with a puppy... Sometimes, her feelings of attachment to what she liked were so strong that they overwhelmed her. They made her dizzy and short of breath. However, she seldom notices these things' passing away. There was a boy whose heart broke over many things. He would fall apart at seeing a withered flower. He would fall apart over the setting stars. He would fall apart over a lost puppy... Sometimes, his feelings of aversion to what he disliked were so strong that they overwhelmed him. They made him dizzy and short of breath. However, he seldom notices these things' coming into being. One day, the girl met the boy. They talked to each other about their experiences.

      To their surprise, they had opposite feelings over similar things in opposite states, yet they suffered the same way. The problem wasn't the flowers, stars or puppies. The problem wasn't their arrival or departure. The problem was attachment to the presence of what they loved and aversion to the absence of the beloved. They realised they were not mindful of the rising and falling of all things. For a while, they wondered if they should become unfeeling to avoid suffering, to be like rocks. But it was impossible to pretend their feelings which come and go do not exist. Instead of watching flowers, stars and puppies, they decided to observe their feelings carefully. Suddenly, they realise they too rise and fall like all other things. When they opened their eyes, they realised they could appreciate the flowers, stars and puppies as they were in the moment, even if they changed in time... without losing peace of mind.

      As the boy and girl learnt, it is possible to treasure things as they are in the moment, while not being attached to them in the moment. This is the nature of True Love - to be able to love without expectations of the beloved remaining unchanged, to be able to love without expecting the beloved to change to the way we desire. Change is inevitable. If we do not make peace with the inevitable, suffering is inevitable. Peace can only be attained when one is at ease with change. However, this is not to say we should just sit back like lifeless rocks and let the world change in whatever way it does. Being part of all changes in this world, we can choose to actively make positive changes for bettering the world too. In fact, this is the only way the world can change for the better. For instance, the dismal fate of the environment ultimately lies in the hands of everyone in this world - to various extents - be we rich or poor, powerful or weak. Everyone is responsible in some way; no one is free of responsibility. Answer the call! - Shen Shi'an

      Because everything changes from moment to moment, we should treasure everything in this moment.
      Because everything changes from moment to moment, we should not be attached to anything in this moment.
      - stonepeace
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