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      TheDailyEnlightenment.comWeekly 11.01.07

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      People always watch their own image
         when there are others around.
      But a person of true noble character is consistent inside out
         regarding their words and deeds.

      - Dharma Master Cheng Yen

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      Realisation: Do Good Guys Always "Finish" First?

      Does good begets good, evil, anything or nothing? Which makes more sense? - stonepeace

      Was chatting with a friend about the misguided belief that "Good guys (and gals, of course) always finish first" - in the sense of "ending up sooner disadvantaged or even dead". How true is that? The statement seems to discount the validity of the law of Karma, ie. moral cause and effect. How is it possible that doing good will end up with terrible results? Does this not refute the natural fairness of karmic justice? The idea that the good finish first seems to imply the breaking down of cause and effect. It also suggests that evil always results in good. But is that not also cause and effect, albeit of a twisted manner? And if one sincerely believes that is true, is it not evil or dangerous to promote such thought, which encourages others to do evil, ironically, including to oneself? Surely, even the greatly evil do not wish to live in a world full of great evil! As illustrated, collectively, evil does reap evil results. This is clearly enough to refute any "sensibility" in the errorneous belief that morality is of arbitrary or no importance.

      It is incredibly short-sighted to think that when, let's say, Jim, does positive action #4, it will instantly lead to corresponding positive result X - because that assumed Jim had done absolutely nothing else. We need to remember that in the course of this and previous lifetimes, Jim had also done many mixed actions - #1, #2, #3... This means getting negative result Y instead of positive result X might be the result of negative action #2 for instance, not positive action #4. However, the result X of action #4 can still bear fruit in the future, beyond this instant, when the conditions are suitable. In short, cause and effect does not operate at the speed or in the way we prefer. It operates as we deserve, naturally. Like different fruits, some of which ripen faster than others due to their conditioning of growth, all is in good time! It is thus humbling to remember that we might have loads of past negative karmic obscurations which can ripen any time, which makes it doubly urgent to do more good for goodness' sake, which also happens to be able to dilute the effects of the negative karma we have.

      If it is true that "Good guys always finish first", it means evil always triumphs, that True Happiness comes from evil, not good. If this is true, great evil will result in great happiness. But most who commit great evil eventually have to face equally great (if not worse) punishment, as meted by the human court of law. Those who seem to get away with doing wrong only seem to get away. They might also be tortured by guilt and fear. It's only a matter of time, when the longer "arm" of the law - of Karma, reaches one with its damning effects. This "arm" is so long that it can even stretch beyond this lifetime. As long as there is no true repentance or remedial action, there is no hope of escaping from the full negative effects of one's negative actions. Good and evil done is never lost. It is thus wise not to mix up causes and effects, to think that doing good results in bad results or vice versa. Thus is there the saying that "Good actions will have good results; evil actions will have evil results. It is not that there are no results; it is just that the time is not yet ripe." May all be mindful of Karma, and only do good.
      -Shen Shi'an

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      Response to "The Virtues of Being Humble & Sorry Enough"
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      Excerpt: Giving Yourself Wholeheartedness

      Half-hearted about Samsara, there is little progress in worldly matters.
      Half-hearted about Nirvana, there is little progress in spiritual matters. - stonepeace 

      Wholeheartedness is a precious gift, but no one can actually give it to you. You have to find the path that has heart and then walk it impeccably. In doing that, you again and again encounter your own uptightness, your own headaches, your own falling flat on your face.

      But in wholeheartedly practicing and wholeheartedly following that path, this inconvenience is not an obstacle. It's simply a certain texture of life, a certain energy of life. Not only that, sometimes when you just get flying and it all feels so good and you think, "This is it, this is the path that has heart," you suddenly fall flat on your face. Everyone's looking at you. You say to yourself, "What happened to that path that had heart? This feels like the path with mud in my face." Since you are wholeheartedly committed to the [spiritual] warrior's journey, it pricks you, it pokes you. It's like someone laughing in your ear, challenging you to figure out what to do when you don't know what to do. It humbles you. It opens your heart.

      - The Wisdom of No Escape (and the Path of Loving-Kindness) (By Pema Chodron)
        This and more available @ Awareness Place: www.AwarenessPlace.com 
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