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Have You Heard of the Principle of Universal Importance?

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      Realisation: Have You Heard of the Principle of Universal Importance?

       If you are precious, everything that allows you to be is also precious.

      The Anthropic Principle says that the universe centres around humans, as it is naturally shaped such that it allows humans to exist, which is why we can be here now talking about this principle. This makes sense at first. But does it really? Each human inevitably dies. With the death of a person, does the principle still hold true for him or her? Or do we say it ends with that person - at least for him or her? This principle is only saying the obvious, though it conjures the illusion that humans are special and central in the universe. In a way, the principle is the law of Karma - the universe of causes and conditions will support the survival of the individual according to one's just "deserts" - till that person does not "deserve" them anymore. In this sense, the universe does indeed "revolves" around this individual. However, the universe also "revolves" around each and every other thing and being, as there is no way for them to exist if the universe does not allows it.

      For example, we can say
      the universe revolves around a sapling to condition or "allow" it to grow into a great tree. This can be called the "Tree Principle"! Likewise, there is the Canine Principle, which revolves around dogs, and the Feline Principle, which revolves around cats... you get the idea! This implies that contrary to the single belief of the Anthropic Principle, that humans are centrally exclusive in the universe as observers and participants, other things and beings are of just as much importance - or the universe would not have "taken the trouble" to sustain their existence. Everything in the universe are participants in the universe we share. The fact that any particular thing or being exists means the entire universe is naturally "taking care" of it in the moment. Thus, should we not be destructive, and instead uphold what is natural, by speaking up for animal rights, preserving the rainforests etc. That the universe allows co-existence means it is possible. Yet there is much disharmomy between humans themselves and nature. (Other sentient beings have their own conflicts too.)

      Because everything is central in the universe, there is no specific centre. Imagine the Earth as a perfect sphere. Wherever you stand, your feet point straight to its core. All creatures and things great and small are likewise centrally bound by gravity to the same core, with no particular like or dislike by the great Earth. Now expand this concept in all directions to cover the whole universe to see the big picture. The universe is like a macro Earth system, a gargantuan but single tightly cohesive unit of intricate interbeing, with equal "respect" for everything in it. The "respect" is not a particular slant of preference towards any particular thing or being but in a natural holistic way. The universe is just - it does not wish the doom or teeming of any lifeform - it only plays out in the moment, effects created by various causes and conditions set forth. This non-sentient nature of the universe means we should be all the more mindful of the repercussions of our actions to the universe and to ourselves, who are part of it. We can both actively create or resolve conflicts, or remain indifferent. Only with the understanding of this "Principle of Universal Importance" will we see the need for universal peace. This is surely of "universal importance"! 
      -Shen Shi'an

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