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    TheDailyEnlightenment-Realisation: TDER#1 (contributions welcomed) _________________________________________________________ REALIZATION: Project Life You
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2000
      TheDailyEnlightenment-Realisation: TDER#1 (contributions welcomed)
      REALIZATION: Project Life

      You see... life is such that no matter how short we keep saying it is, there
      are gaps... of time inbetween, as long as we are imperfect. Time lost, time
      spent in idleness. Do we sleep too much, take too long a tea break? Surf the
      net aimlessly too much? Chat too much?... Isn't all this too much? Too much
      time spent, lost. Too much life lived in vain.

      Life is a project. If you plan to be reborn many times, that is, for many
      lives, then this life is still a crucial part of your project. Every project
      has a deadline. For project life, the deadline is your death day- the day
      you die by. Life is a tricky project because you do not know when the
      deadline is. The only occasion you might know your deadline is when it might
      be pronounced to you an X (let X be the unknown) number of years from today
      when your doctor discovers you to have contracted a terminal illness. Thus,
      an X number of years from today, Y (another arbitrary number) number of
      years will be the time you have left. The bottom line is, X+Y are both
      unknown- and the wise should never assume they amount to a lot. There is a
      freak factor we can call Z- the number of years (it can be a decimal
      number!) you might be away from a freak fatal accident. As long as we are
      alive, life is full of uncertainties of XYZ; though it is certain that
      X&Y or Z will arrive in time. In good time... Or bad.

      Every project has a main and final objective to be met. When your death day
      comes, the objective you can generally meet is more or less limited to only
      one of the following (not an exhaustive list- but you get the rough idea).
      You can...

      1) become a Buddha or as "buddha-ish" as possible (Wo!)
      2) be already free of rebirth
      (ie. become an Arahant beforehand or right on the brink of death)
      3) be free of rebirth in the bardo state
      4) seek birth in a Pureland
      (Amitabha Buddha's or Medicine Buddha's-
      so as to return as a capable Bodhisattva to help all beings)
      5) seek birth in Tushita Heaven
      (to join Maitreya Bodhisattva, the next future Buddha, before He comes)
      6) return to the human life willingly to continue your course of practice
      (working towards the Arahant or Bodhisattva ideal)
      7) "sit back" and let your karma take its natural course
      (unless you are a high practitioner,
      you will be guaranteed to be reborn in Samsara accordingly)

      If your objective is 1), You have to buck up your practice in Project Life-
      If your objective is 2), You have to buck up your practice in Project Life-
      If your objective is 3), You have to buck up your practice in Project Life-
      If your objective is 4), You have to buck up your practice in Project Life-
      If your objective is 5), You have to buck up your practice in Project Life-
      If your objective is 6), You have to buck up your practice in Project Life-
      If your objective is 7), You can sit back and relax- but be prepared to face
      the worst!

      What am I saying about Project Life? It is truly tricky- and that it is
      wiser to assume you are seriously out of time. Thus, fill in the empty gaps
      of your life with substantial practice, learning, recollection, realisation
      and sharing of the Dharma. Incorporate the Dharma into your life as much as
      you can- even incorporate it into your work projects such that you get both
      your work and practice done simultaneously. Life is too short not to make
      practice of the Dharma CONCURRENT with whatever else it is we are doing.

      Project Life is a BIG project. And this BIG project has BIG repercussions on
      your life (obviously!)- both now and in the future. And since your life has
      BIG repercussions on others' lives due to the law of interdependence, it's
      really... BIG. And a big project consists of smaller sub-projects. And these
      sub projects are diverse and numerous. These sub-projects range from
      something as relatively minor as lessening anger to your younger siblings to
      something as major as perfecting your understanding of the quintessence, the
      crux, of the Buddha's teachings through serious sutra-study. You might not
      be able to fix a deadline for your death day- but you can fix deadlines for
      your lined up sub-projects. But once again beware! Be wary of factor Z!
      Factor Z is the CONSTANT checkpost, then guard against wanting to execute
      unrealistic sub-projects that merely waste time. An example might be-
      training to be the greatest Yo-yo master in the world, while not wishing to
      make yo-yoing your profession. (But it's okay if you are able to realise the
      Dharma while yo-yoing!)

      Plan your project well, and execute it well. As the oft-quoted saying goes,
      "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." May we all have a fruitful life.

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