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Waking Up the Morning After

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  • NamoAmituofo
    ________________________________________ Realisation: Existentially Waking Up the Morning After Waking up every day to life can be a recurring nightmare to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2004
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      Realisation: Existentially Waking Up the Morning After

      Waking up every day to life can be a recurring nightmare to some. To me sometimes too - when I'm "rudely" awakened by the alarm clock, leaving me befuddled for a moment as to where I am, feeling a sense of weariness at the fact that there still exists this unenlightened "me" in this world, fretting my responsibilities to fulfill. I ask myself existentially, "Why is there anything at all?", before I answer myself, "Why is there this question in the first place?", and crawl out of bed, remembering my lack of Wisdom, and that I am on the quest for True Happiness, aka Enlightenment!

      It struck me that maybe the depressed and the aimless sleep a lot in the attempt to sleep away life. Wanting to do nothing and with "nothing" better to do... Perhaps they prefer the taste of nothingness in sleep to the bitter aftertaste of life, which they are ironically so attached or aversed to that they "can't" shake it off. (Interestingly, no one is "there" when asleep to taste any sweetness, and sleep is flavourless!) They might not have a deathwish, though some enthusiasm for life is lost, living like ghosts flitting in the background - not truly alive or dead. Like all of us, all they want is True Happiness, and it eludes them, asleep or awake. The escapade of sleep is only fleeting - we have to wake up to reality. If sleep is merely for rest before we wake up, then our moments awake are best for waking up more and more to what life has to teach - till we attain Enlightenment. Till then, never give up. Since every unenlightened death wakes up reborn in a new life, let us be reborn, if we will be, with greater Compassion and Wisdom, and not return to square one. Suicidal death as a romantic release is seriously overrated - it doesn't work and only worsens any existential crisis. Hey! This life already IS a "hangover" from the previous! Sober up! Awake!

      Albert Camus wrote, "Deciding whether or not life is worth living is to answer the fundamental question..." I think the fundamental question we should ask is "Why do we need to ask anything at all about life?" The answer is "Because we are ignorant or deluded about the true nature of life (and death)." So, we should seek answers about life and death collectively - and not just ask "Why don't we die now?" Camus was questioning the worth of life and living. But should we not question the worth/lessness of death and dying too? The Buddha taught that life and death is cyclic in nature, like dawn and dusk. Life, like dawn, does not aim to give warmth or punish, and death, like dusk, does not aim to give coolness or rest - it all depends on your karma and attitude. Each empty of any intrinsic meaning, there is no need to be hung up on life or death alone as they are halves of a whole. Live well with increasing Compassion and Wisdom, and you will pass away well, and all's well on the journey to Enlightenment - if it's not already attained! -shian | pic:alcohol.org.nz

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