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#406 : The TV Serial of Life

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    TDE-R #406~Share your Enlightenment Here! __________________________ Realization: The TV Serial of Life (Dedicated to aJuanster) Juen once remarked to Zeph,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2000
      TDE-R #406~Share your Enlightenment Here!
      The TV Serial of Life
      (Dedicated to aJuanster)
      Juen once remarked to Zeph, that it was ridiculous how characters in a TV soap opera or drama serial (mini-series) kept bumping into each other. It seemed crazily coincidental how protangonist X's best friend would be the brother of antagonist Y, who would be in forbidden love with X's sister... In short, a whole bunch of complicated twists of "fate" entwined to form an intriguing story that keep couch potatoes couch potatoes.

      Zeph laughed and replied, "Hey! Of course the characters' lives are interconnected! They wouldn't be a serial if they weren't!" Juen asked, "What do you mean?" "Well... how can a serial be about say, the love lives of X and Y when X and Y don't even know other, or are unconnected to each other in any way, ironical or not? It would be 2 stories instead of one 1 interweaved one!" Juen chuckled, "Oh yeah! Hahaha...!"

      Likewise, our lives are like TV serials. There is LIVE element of real story in our lives because we have LIVE interdependent connections with others in our lives. Relationships are broken and reconciled, friends become enemies and enemies befriend each other... It is just not that TV serials are not life-like; the truth is vice versa- our lives are TV serial-like. Just as nothing happens by pure chance in a serial- it being the result of the efforts of the script-writer. Likewise, we are the script-writers of the TV serial of our lives. But we are half-conscious script-writers and "actors" because as long as we are not fully enlightened, we do not know the plot that lies ahead due to the self-written karmic script of life we in the past. We thus appear just as surprised, even at times as apalled, as the characters in serials, when we realise we are more interconnected or disconnected with people we like and dislike, than we expect.
      But is there in reality such thing as "twists of fate"? No- karma is always operating as it is, ironing itself out, flat- never twisting or turning unreasonably... complex maneouvres maybe, but never with senseless entanglements- all in good order. It is the ignorant mind that chooses to believe one suffers from a twist of fate- as if one's destiny was thwarted by any other being other than oneself. Whatever our interconnections are, remember that they are karmic- you deserve it all. And every connection you readily make today will interconnect back to you in the future. Let us appreciate our human connections then, rather than to love or hate them too much... just appreciate the TV serial of life, without being too addicted to it- for a serial will end, though indefinite sequels are possible through rebirth. This is a mega blockbuster long-running prime-time serial called Samsara, directed by Karma, by you, for you, as always.
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