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My Nightmare of "The Amazing Race"

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  • NamoAmituofo
    Realization: My Nightmare of The Amazing Race I had a nightmare of myself back in school. There was an exam that I did not study well for. I was given a test
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 28, 2003
      Realization: My Nightmare of "The Amazing Race"

      I had a nightmare of myself back in school.
      There was an exam that I did not study well for.
      I was given a test paper with a list of questions I did not understand.
      It was a special exam- its duration is unknown.
      I just have to answer the questions as fast as I can.
      But I can leave the school ground to do the paper.

      I dash frantically from place to place, person to person,
      frantically showing my paper,
      asking if they knew the answers.
      It was like "The Amazing Race".
      Some could not read the questions.
      Some could, but thought they were silly.
      Some proposed answers.
      But since I did not understand the questions,
      much less was I certain of the answers.

      When I woke up, I wondered what it all meant.
      As I write this, it suddenly made sense.
      Life can be a nightmare, a school, an exam, a personal test.
      Life has questions and answers you do not understand.
      You have to figure out what the important questions are before you seek answers,
      in order to pass the test of life and death.
      Life seems to offer all the time in the world,
      but you don't know when you'll run out of time.

      I'm so glad I discovered the Buddha's teachings,
      which answered all my major existential questions,
      which troubled me so in my school days.
      Maybe that's why I didn't break out in cold sweat in the dream.
      But no, school is still not out,
      as long as I've not finished learning,
      not mastered life and death,
      not attained Enlightenment.
      Welcome back to "The Real Amazing Race"!
      Samantabhadra Bodhisattva's Verse of Exhortation for All Beings

      This day has passed, and your life too has lessened.
      Like a fish running short of water, for what do you rejoice?
      Strive on diligently now, as if putting out a fire on your head.
      May you be mindful of transience, and be cautious not to be slack.

      [See Chinese Version @ 

      Another Nightmare

      A friend had a nightmare recently too. She was in a modern day elevator when the doors shut. She looked for buttons to press but there were none. The life appeared to be going somewhere, but it was uncertain where. It could be an illusion- it could be going nowhere. It was frightening. In life, when we are apparently trapped, with total loss of control, there is still the first and last factor that we always have freedom of choosing- our state of mind- we can choose to panic helplessly or to be composed. [See "
      Your First, Present & Final Freedom" @ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/zeph/message/145] The elevator ride resembles the process of dying? In our last moments, which is our last test, or the final exam of this life, we seem to lose total control- but we can still choose our state of mind. Choose to hanker on life, on what you can't hold on anymore and you'll return in rebirth. Choose to let go and you become free. Letting go of life and death totally, you become totally free. It's somewhat "okay" if you fail this last test, for it isn't really the last. There are countless supplementary papers in countless lives to come. In the mean time, enjoy the elevator ride of life. Remember- it's a ride you enjoy only if YOU control how it affects you.

      Any thoughts or similar experiences? Tell us!

      shian@... | www.stonepeace.blogspot.com
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