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Bin Lauden OWNS our President....

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  • Bin Lauden Owns Bush
    3 Years have passed since George Bush vowed to destroy Bin Lauden and his network of terror, yet they remain FREE to mock the United States at will. George
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 31, 2004
      3 Years have passed since George Bush vowed to destroy Bin Lauden and his network of terror, yet they remain FREE to mock the United States at will. George Bush has failed at the primary task, but that isn't the worst part...
      Under the 'leadership' of the Bush administration, Bin Lauden slaughtered over 3,000 fellow Americans without being brought to justice.
      The body-count is still climbing, with 1,000+ American Soldiers brought back in body-bags, and 8000+ Maimed for life.
      The military strategies of President Bush have had a positive effect on Bin
      Lauden's Network of terror, for it grows stronger and more profound everyday.
      It is true they have also deposed a bastard leader, but with little or no effect on the perpetrators of 9-11.
      This was a catastrophic misjudgment, regardless of the motive. Failure
      to recognize a flawed military strategy is what the REAL ISSUE is.
      Failure to recognize a flawed military strategy can destroy any nation, no matter how mighty.
      George Bush and his administration have not demonstrated the military capabilities necessary to effectively combat terror.
      Americans must not make profound judgments based on catch-phrases, or titles!
      The 'War on Terror' was supposed to define bringing Bin Lauden and his network of terrorist to JUSTICE, and to insure the homeland security, any other definition is misleading, and an escape from reality.
      The reality is that George Bush has failed this war, by his own definition.
      Now Bin Lauden and the World can plainly see George Bush's OWN terror, the President clearly looked petrified, and like a man beaten, when humbly responding to Bin Laudens LATEST TAPE RELEASE on the airport tarmac.
      John Kerry looked strong and energized when responding to Bin Lauden, he clearly is NOT afraid, and has a strategy.
      Bin Lauden does NOT want to face an opponent as intelligent as himself, this is why he released the TAPES, his business has been booming under Bush, recruitment is at an all time high. Bin Lauden knows exactly what he's doing, it's called 'reverse psychology'
      We need a president that isn't OWNED BY BIN LAUDEN! America will never be respected while our own President is clearly humbled by the very image of Bin Lauden.
      A President Kerry would immediately set forth all forces to capture or kill Bin Lauden, and bring his network of terrorist cells to justice!
      A President Kerry has said he would take immediate steps to remedy the situation in Iraq.
      First being, to stop propagating terror, and start SUPPRESSING it.
      Second, to start using strategies not bound by the presidents pre-set catch-phrase 'War On Terror'. Bush is using conventional tactics in an unconventional war.
      Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.
      The 'War On Terror' will be won, when President Kerry has the Al Queda rotting in a prison cell, or sent to straight to hell VIA name of justice.
      President Kerry will take steps to suppress their religious based war tactics that recruit so many willing bodies to hate and kill Americans for no reason, and begin replacing it with one that drives Bin Luaden and all terror, Out of Business.

      God bless President Bush
      God Bless soon-to-be President Kerry
      God Bless America
      God Bless the World
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