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  • I know what you mean about downloading. It's nothing like the real thing but for most of us it's the only way we get to hear alot of this stuff. Do any of you use WinMX. It's basically like napster and I found quite alot on there. Boredoms, OOIOO, Omoide Hatoba, Ruins etc etc. Results vary greatly so persistance is needed, but I've had most of the Rebore series, Vision Creation...
    souljacker68 Jan 4, 2002
  • I'm just cross posting part of a message I've just read from the Boredoms Yahoo group. The boredoms have been back in the recording studio recently..... the new album, set for release mid-year, should be hot! You never know you luck Bye for now.
    souljacker68 Jan 3, 2002
  • I was wondering what music you all listen too when your not listening to the Boredoms? Do you listen too Boredom's related stuff such as OOIOO or Rovo. Other japanese artists like Otomo Yoshihide & Ground Zero, Aube or Merzbow. Or completely unrelated music like Miles Davis or Jeff Buckley? I was just interested, maybe you can recommend some artists I haven't heard. Cheers.
    souljacker68 Dec 23, 2001
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  • No problem. That's the site I found. I assume it's the record label rather than the shop. I can't believe they don't have a website. I think we should start a petition or something. I was looking at WinMX the other day and saw a download saying "Boredoms Lost Cause 7". I haven't heard it yet, has anyone any ideas as to what it is? Cheers.
    souljacker68 Dec 22, 2001
  • Does anyone know if the Time Bomb record shop in Osaka has a website. I can't seem to find one. Alternatively if anyone has any mailorder info for them I would appreciate it. Cheers.
    souljacker68 Dec 8, 2001
  • According to the response I got from a Boredoms E-Mail address I have, The Boredoms will not tour again until the 'middle east situation' is sorted out. They have no plans for a European tour in 2002, so it looks like were going to have to wait a little longer for them to play in the UK. Or we could all go and live in Japan. Now there's an idea....
    souljacker68 Dec 2, 2001
  • I forgot. I also highly recommended Rovo. They're excellent particularly on the live recording I have. Hard to come by though, apart from Imago they are all Japanese only releases.
    souljacker68 Nov 25, 2001
  • My personal favorite has to be Vision Creation Newsun. From what I've heard I much prefer the later releases (Around Super AE onwards). WOW2 is a good recording though, it's absolutly insane and recorded live, so it's probably pretty close to their live shows at the time. As for the Rebore remix series I have to say that I was dissapointed on the whole. Rebore 0 (Eye's self mix) is...
    souljacker68 Nov 23, 2001
  • Marcus, 8300 Yen is about $67.38. If you need anymore coversions try www.xe.com If I remember correctly the E-Mail verification is sent from Amazon to yourself. I don't remember having to send them anything after I'd completed my order. Glad I could help and enjoy your new purchase.
    souljacker68 Nov 21, 2001
  • Marcus, Hawaii you lucky ******. Sun, Sea, 80 degree heat etc etc. Just spare a thought for use getting cold and wet in the UK. Anyway, enough of my jealousy. From my experience I can think of 3 things that may cause a problem. The first is using secure connections with Babelfish. It doesn't like it. It's better to translate the text by copying it and pasting into Babelfish and...
    souljacker68 Nov 20, 2001