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  • Depends what you're into... I'm not really aware of anything that covers the full spectrum of this list music, particularly not in English. The Alchemy Records site has a useful list of shows by their bands some of which at least have the band names listed in English: http://www.kt.rim.or.jp/~jojo_h/ar/p_artists/index.html For more electro-acoustic/improv stuff, the IMfJ site is a...
    choan1970 Sep 10, 2007
  • There¹s a major retrospective of Shinro Ohtake¹s work at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo, running from October 14 to December 24th. http://shinroohtake.jp/ And to tie in with the exhibition, Timebomb is releasing an unreleased Puzzle Punks (the Ohtake/Eye duo) session from Œ96. Due for release on Sept 21. It seems to have Yo-chan on drums too. 7 tracks, 58 minutes. http...
    Alan Cummings Sep 1, 2006
  • Can't recall if someone mentioned it before, but there was another nice Eye book - stills from an animated film he was involved with, with some continuity drawings by the director Tadanobu Asano (who's better known as an actor). The book and film were both called TORI. The book still seems to be in print. Japanese publisher's page is here: http://www.littlemore.co.jp/book/kobetsu...
    Alan Cummings Jan 14, 2006
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  • > Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2003 13:50:41 -0400 > From: "Bohr, Alexander" > Subject: P-vine > > > Does anyone know the website for the P-vine label? sorry this isn't Bore > related but I really can't find it. > > It's under the name of P-Vine's parent company, Blues Interactions: http://www.bls-act.co.jp/ Alan
    Alan Cummings Apr 10, 2003
  • I've got a few surplus cds to offload, some Japanese stuff (Superoots 1, AMT) and other odds & sods. The list is here: http://www.tashiro.demon.co.uk/sales/sales1.html If anyone's interested, drop me a line. Thanks. Alan
    alster1970 Oct 21, 2002
  • ...recs are on Warners Japan. Early versions of the group included Keizo Suhara, who's also a member of Acid Mothers Temple. Alan Cummings On 10/9/02 10:03 am, Arthur Gadney wrote: > And who the hell is Rashinban? > > I see that Yamamoto is playing a lot of concerts...
    Alan Cummings Sep 10, 2002
  • there's an interview with Eye and Yoshimi in the latest issue of The Wire. Some great stuff about the whole Vooredoms concept... And they're on the cover too. http://www.thewire.co.uk/ Alan
    alster1970 Aug 22, 2002