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  • >ok, some more details. EYE told me SR9 will be new material recorded >at a show in Roppongi around Christmas last year. They got a bunch of >singers to sing along with the sounds EYE makes with his >vocoder/turntables. EYE says they turned out to be pretty horrible but >they paid so much money for the show they feel they have no choice but >to release it. It may not come out this...
    Arthur Gadney Nov 6, 2006
  • Oh of course. How is the new album? I like "Flage" but was not so impressed with "Mon". It became to much fusion. >From: James Osborne >Reply-To: theboredoms@^$1 >To: theboredoms@^$2 >Subject: Re: [the boredoms] Yamamoto >Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2006 02:30:12 -0500 > >He's the guitarist in the band ROVO. The just released a new album, >CONDOR, amazing stuff. www.rovo.jp > >Arthur Gadney...
    Arthur Gadney Nov 4, 2006
  • What has Yamamoto been doing since he left Boredoms? I haven't paid to much attention to him apart from MOST and the Tzadik albums, but these two look interesting. Anybody managed to give them a listen? Para: "X-Game" P-Vine, 2006. Rashinban: "Musubi", Lighthouse, 2005. Is there any good online store in Japan where you can listen to excerpts from CDs, like you can amazon.com and so...
    Arthur Gadney Nov 3, 2006
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  • Anybody listen to? - Psy-Harmonics Vol. 5 -'Experience' 2CD - V/A - ICONIC There's some tracks by Eye and other Boredoms related stuff. By how good are the other tracks. Good enough to buy?
    Arthur Gadney Oct 16, 2006
  • Anyone on this list have any experience with touring in Japan? I just read about Lightning Bolts recent trouble over there and was wondering how common that kind of thing is: http://www.laserbeast.com/japan-border.html How easy is it to get concerts in Japan on a "food + accommodation and perhaps a bit of money for transport"-deal?
    Arthur Gadney Oct 12, 2006
  • >if you want a japanese girl band, listen to >nissenenmondai (see them live) or a band i saw called squimaoto, from kobe. Never heard about Squimaoto before. Did they release anything? I'd love to see Nisennenmondai live, but doubt I will get the chance. What about their albums? Is the new one, "Rock-on" (or something) good? On the topic of japanese girlbands, what happened to COA...
    Arthur Gadney Aug 11, 2006
  • >shouldnt complain, i saw them in chicago 2 days before they did that >one. i guess im just wishfully hoping they'll release a new album or >something. Did anybody have a chance to talk to any of them on their recent European tour? Or else somebody should try to find out what their plans are when they reach US
    Arthur Gadney Jun 11, 2006
  • I thought it was fantastic! I have never seen them before, only listened to several bootlegs, and was just overwhelmed by their power and by how good the three drummers play together. Really amazing to watch them live. Compared to earlier concert recordings of the three drummer line-up it's clear that they keep changing the piece they play. Many similarities to the 2005 version...
    Arthur Gadney Jun 2, 2006
  • Do you have any more pictures? I never saw that drummer before. Was he as good as ATR? >From: "Mr Hoody" >Reply-To: theboredoms@^$1 >To: theboredoms@^$2 >Subject: Re: [the boredoms] Digest Number 779 >Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 16:35:55 +0000 > >That looks like a different guy from the 3rd drummer at ATP to me. I was >taking some pictures but didn't manage to get anything decent of him...
    Arthur Gadney May 25, 2006
  • >I got to talk to Eye for a little while and I was surprised at just how >quiet and reserved he is, quite a difference from his on-stage persona, but >an incredibly nice guy. He speaks english? Did they have any new stuff for sale, apart from the t-shirt somebody mentioned?
    Arthur Gadney May 23, 2006