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  • nhrfair
    Musica Transonic - XYOSFBIGKOU CD VIVO2006023CD Wild & furious psychedelic madness by NANJO ASAHITO (High Rise/Mainliner) on bass, KAWABATA MAKOTO (Acid
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 23, 2006
      Musica Transonic - XYOSFBIGKOU CD
      Wild & furious psychedelic madness by NANJO ASAHITO (High
      Rise/Mainliner) on bass, KAWABATA MAKOTO (Acid Mothers Temple) on
      guitar and YOSHIDA TATSUYA (Ruins) on drums .
      Ten new compositions from the exceptional trio. Extremely heavy
      psychedelia at its best!

      The Magic Carpathians & Lechistan's Electric Chair - Mirrors CD
      Five brand new tracks of droning, hypnotic ethno/psychedelic/noise
      rock from Anna Nacher's & Marek Styczynski's The Magic Carpathians
      Project new incarnation named The Magic Carpathians & Lechistan's
      Electric Chair. Recorded this summer, just after their return from
      prestigeous Terrascope / Terrastock6 Festival. Mesmerizing and
      surprisingly sounding ethno-core music from the darker side of the
      Carpathian Mountains.

      still on sale:

      Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO - Close Encounters Of
      The Mutants CD / Multikulti
      Merzbow - Bloody Sea / CD
      Ruinzhatova - LIVEINSOMEWHERE / CD
      Acid Mothers Gong - Live in NAGOYA / CD
      Seikazoku - Live in Japan / CD
      Kawabata Makoto - Your Voice From the Moon / CD
      Satanicpornocultshop - Orochi under the Straight Edge Leaves / CD
      Jarboe / Nic Le Ban - Knight of Swords / The Beggar / 2CD
      Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno - Demons From Nipples / CD
      Aabzu / Phylr - The Shape Of Lost Things CD released in cooperation
      with SIMLOG
      The Magic Carpathians Project [Karpaty Magiczne]-Sonic Suicide / CD
      Amir Baghiri - Ghazal / CD
      Aural Planet - Reworked / CD
      Scorn - List of Takers / CD
      S.E.T.I. & Si_COMM - Probe / CD
      Zenial - Reworked CD [with KK Null, Vidna Obmana, Amir Baghiri,
      Andrew Lagowski, Zbigniew Karkowski and others]
      v /a - NOWE:LE CD
      Black Faction - Reworked CD [with Hrvatski, Sutekh, Rapoon a.o.]
      Aural Planet - 5EX Engine CD
      Different State - Azure CD
      Quarter - Quarter CD
      more details : www.vivo.pl/label

      also available thru VIVO RECORDS are CD's published on Tone Industria:

      Tone Industria / TI017 CD
      Sekkutsu Jean is a new project of hyperactive Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins,
      PainKiller, Satoko Fujji Quartet). Yoshida's partner in project is
      bass & cello player – Kenji Sato.
      Sekkutsu Jean is not a continuation of Ruins, but there are some
      analogies: instruments, madness, unobtainable to others communication
      level between musicians.
      "Sekkutsu Jean" is released by Tone Industria in cooperation with
      Magaibutsu label. It's over an hour of uncompromising improvisation
      on bass and drums.

      YOSHIDA/UCHIHASHI - Hercules' Icy Club
      Tone Industria / TI11 CD
      A project formed by members of: Ruins, Painkiller, Ground Zero and
      Altered States. It's uncompromising improvisation, you'll find there
      all best of New Japanese Music. "Hercules Icy Club" is a live album
      from four polish gigs in Warsaw, Cracow and Wroclaw.

      Progrram : Autumn: How To Use Brain To Find Inner m*
      Tone Industria - TI016 CD
      This is probably the most sick, unpredictable and heavy Polish album
      which I have recently had in my hands. During several years of their
      existence, Progrram has made long, and pretty intricate path: from a
      bit psychedelic hardcore, through the period of fascination with
      intelligent metal such as Meshuggah and Kobong, to… exactly, to what?
      If the preceding Blackmeat of W.B. EP had brought to mind the most
      rocky achievements of John Zorn or free rock of Cpt. Beefheart and
      Zappa, the full album would make associations of any kind far less
      important. Clearly, the musicians are still attached to a guitar rock
      out: generally, the whole album is sharp, guitar shred, taking place
      between avant-garde metal and Washington hard core. Here, we can hear
      the echoes of the latest works of VoiVod more clearly than on the EP,
      or maybe the remains of something that imbued to Canadians' music
      from overwhelming records of Neurosis. If you like, you can also
      follow the traces of King Crimson, especially those which were left
      by gig improvisations from the mid 70's. However, such improvisations
      do not exploit the contents of the album. Progrram seems to work out
      their own language – souped-up by the deep knowledge of aggressive
      avant-garde of the last two decades – but still original. Even more,
      because claiming the influence of this part of avant-garde tradition
      that so far hasn't been immensely interesting to Polish artists.
    • nhrfair
      NEW RELEASES ON VIVO RECORDS SEPTEMBER 2007 Damo Suzuki - The Fire of Heaven at the End of Universe CD EAN 5904259359054 vivo2007030CD VIVO RECORDS
      Message 2 of 2 , Sep 19, 2007

        Damo Suzuki - The Fire of Heaven at the End of Universe CD
        EAN 5904259359054 vivo2007030CD
        VIVO RECORDS proudly presents a new record of DAMO SUZUKI, member of
        the legendary krautrock band CAN !
        Featuring: Damo Suzuki (voice), Hoppy Kamiyama (keyboards),Yuji
        Katsui (violin), Kenji Sato (bass), Tatsuya
        Yoshida (drums). The CD brings a rich, colorful palette of
        trans-kraut-psychedelic sound.
        3 fold-out cardboard sleeve. Limited edition.
        Recorded live at UFO Club / Tokyo, 5th March 2006.

        retail 13 EUR



        The Magic Carpathians & Lechistan's Electric Chair Marek Styczyñski -
        cyber totem CD

        Cybertotem is a solo project of Marek Styczynski (ex Atman, The Magic
        Carpathians & Lechistan’s Electric Chair) that shows fruits of a few
        years of sonic studio experimentations, travelling and studying the
        ritual music of Carpathians and Balkans.
        File under: ethno / folk / experimental / psychedelic rock
        jewel case packaging

        retail 10 EUR

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