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Re: submission call for c20 cassette series

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  • alterego100usa
    Will you use chrome tapes? I used to get tapes of shorter length which were those so-called low noise variety which in reality were quite the opposite (and
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 8, 2005
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      Will you use chrome tapes? I used to get tapes of shorter length
      which were those so-called "low noise" variety which in reality were
      quite the opposite (and not chrome bias).--- In
      theboredoms@yahoogroups.com, Robert Slattery
      <nihilistic_dropcloth@y...> wrote:
      > This is cross-posted everywhere, but I'm taking the
      > shotgun method.
      > C-20 Cassette Series
      > intro:
      > This is a collection of c20 cassettes in a variety of
      > musical styles intended to make a variety of music
      > available at a low cost.
      > What I am looking for:
      > I am looking for absolutely all varieties of music.
      > This includes everything from zydeco to grindcore,
      > free jazz saxophone solos to downtempo electronic
      > music. So long as I enjoy it, I will eagerly release
      > it. The general focus of this label has been
      > noise/experimental music, and though I have not lost
      > interest in releasing material of this sort, I hope to
      > broaden the catalog to support music often cut off
      > from this demographic.
      > About the releases:
      > Each tape will be packaged with a single sheet of 8.5
      > x 11 inch paper folded around it. Artwork will be a
      > single side the paper, photocopied black and white.
      > This is incredibly simplistic, and intended to keep
      > the simple aesthetic and costs down. Additionally, the
      > artwork will need to be provided as a physical copy,
      > that is to say I will need the artwork on paper. I
      > will not be printing these, so digital art is
      > unacceptable. American standard (8.5 x 11) or
      > international standard (A4, which will be shrunk down
      > a small degree to fit on 8.5 x 11 paper) are ideal.
      > Two notes:
      > I reccomend that each intended side of the tape not go
      > over 9:45 in length. This is due to sometimes short
      > tapes. Sides can certainly be shorter than that if
      > desired, but will still remain on c20 tapes.
      > Second, I do intend to release only recordings I
      > enjoy, so it is possible to be rejected, but that
      > should not discourage anyone to submit something.
      > Payment and Copyright:
      > Payment will be 5 copies of the release free. Due to
      > my lack of money, this is all I offer. I apologize if
      > this does not seem like much.
      > Copyright will be owned by the artist, but with the
      > assumption that any future usage of the material makes
      > some reference to its Tin Cans and Twine release. I
      > hope that isn't too much.
      > Submissions may be sent to the address listed on the
      > contact page (see below), in either CD/CDr or cassette
      > format. I do accept mp3s via email at
      > r.slattery@g... Please make sure they are at the
      > most 128kbps compression. If you send an email file
      > and I like it, I will still request a physical copy of
      > the music and artwork.
      > Anyone who is interested or has questions, please
      > email me at tcatrecordings@h...
      > best,
      > Robert Slattery,
      > Tin Cans and Twine
      > www.geocities.com/tcatrecordings
      > __________________________________
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      > Have fun online with music videos, cool games, IM and more. Check
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