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Seiichi Yamamoto Side Projects

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  • surrealeye_2001
    I was able to grab a few songs from Rovo off the net.Interesting,don t know if I ll rush out to buy it though.There is one song Emormy that starts with a
    Message 1 of 327 , Aug 19, 2001
      I was able to grab a few songs from Rovo off the
      net.Interesting,don't know if I'll rush out to buy it though.There is
      one song"Emormy"that starts with a beautiful guitar
      piece by him,before it gets drowned out.I love stuff
      like that.<br><br>My point is I really enjoy
      Yamamoto's less abrasive, psyche/ethereal moments,and I'm
      wondering if anyone can give feedback on these
      projects:<br>Novo Tono<br>Solo Albums:Noa1&2<br><br>I even rented
      Adrenaline Drive hoping to hear some interesting stuff.Cute
      movie,but not alot of music.
    • andonedreamer
      wow i drove out from chicago to catch that pontiac MI show !!! Talk about unreal!!! I was worried about how the show would be without yoshikawa but they just
      Message 327 of 327 , Jul 12, 2002
        wow i drove out from chicago to catch that pontiac MI show !!! Talk
        about unreal!!! I was worried about how the show would be without
        yoshikawa but they just transcended anything i was even remotely
        expecting....that show was even better than the Chicago show the next
        night primarily because their sound guy was a bit off on his timing
        on many effects...but pontiac was just absolutely perfect!

        -- In theboredoms@y..., alterego100usa <no_reply@y...> wrote:
        > the shirt pictured on this site was purchased by me during the 1999
        > tour (pontiac mi), looks better in-person, though the design is as
        > intricate as it is relatively small. i passed on getting a shirt on
        > the lollapalooza tour 'way back when because that one was virtually
        > unreadable, though it was loaded with tiny characters all over.---
        > theboredoms@y..., andonedreamer <no_reply@y...> wrote:
        > > Hiya marc!
        > >
        > > Actually I had purchased those shirts but in a faded pale rose
        > color
        > > during their last tour of the US in Michigan and Chicago so yes
        > they
        > > are official... :)
        > >
        > > I've also bought quite a few in Osaka during my trips there and
        > > another friend had bought LOTS while he toured Japan as well and
        > > think he and his fiance are still selling spme of them on
        > Ebay ...at
        > > least they had been recently because they can use the cash to
        > > across the usa..! I can't remember their ebay name offhand but
        > if
        > > you are still interested I can find out and post later so you
        > do
        > > a search for them! I know they've been keeping them in mint
        > storage
        > > condition and have the most wacky designs (being a friend I tend
        > > get first dibs!). :)
        > >
        > > But as for my experience I had toured Asia (Seoul, Korea (my
        > > is korean); HK; and Osaka, Japan (sister city to where I live
        > > Chicago!)....and was able to find numerous awesome Boredoms/UFO
        > > DIE/Hanatarash/Merzbow/Ruins shirts!!...many of them are
        > > rare and done in incredibly limited quanities primarily because
        > they
        > > are completely lovingly handcrafted and cost a lot to create...
        > (these
        > > aren't the typical cheap silkscreen style shirts like the ones
        > > pointed out).....but done by either EyE or other band members,
        > > etc....all of this unfortunately translates into exhorbitantly
        > > prices...when I went the exchange rate was already murder
        > enough....i
        > > think i spent about $1450 on shirts alone (each one costing about
        > $75-
        > > 95max!!!!!!)....the more common shirts like the ones you link too
        > > were sold for a more reasonable $25-35 exchange rate.....
        > >
        > > I was also able to get that box set of VisionCreationNewsun and
        > > shirt that came with that was completely white with the
        > > being also white so it was white on white...hard to read...Love
        > it!!!
        > > There is also a brilliant visioncreationnewsun shirt out that
        > > features EyE showing off his photorealistic art stage and has
        > > cool glowing skull with crazy electric hair and a fetus residing
        > > the brain!....
        > >
        > > anyhow enough of my drivel.... :)
        > >
        > > beth
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > > --- In theboredoms@y..., marc2000000000 wrote:
        > > > Hey guys, boredoms stuff is so hard to come by
        > > > that it's easy to suspect a lot of things aren't
        > > > really that official. I was looking at the following
        > > > site
        > > > {<a href=http://www.andale.com/stores/sf_catHome.jsp?
        > > sid=10185&mode=1&catId=1056541&pnum=1&psize=10&pageIndex=-1}
        > > target=new>http://www.andale.com/stores/sf_catHome.jsp?
        > > sid=10185&mode=1&catId=1056541&pnum=
        > > > 1&psize=10&pageIndex=-1}</a> and found some boredoms shirts i
        > > interested
        > > > in, but...are these REALLY official shirts of the
        > > > boredoms? Just wondering...<br><br>Also, does anyone know
        > > > of any other sites that have boredoms merchandise
        > > > for sale? Thanks
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