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Re: Vooredoms confirmed for ATP UK 2004 (Weekend 1)

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  • Claude Zachary
    ... way ... Yeah, that sounds lame, just trying to show how fucking long I ve been waiting. I know Matt s #1 choice is the Boredoms (as far as he knows)and
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      --- In theboredoms@yahoogroups.com, surrealeye_2001 <no_reply@y...>
      > >
      > I heard
      > > about them playing WAY before they were announced, or actually
      > > before the band even knew
      > YOU knew before the friggin' band knew?OK that takes the cake for
      > being "in the know."Why didn't you just ambush them and make them
      > play your garage!They should play Burning Man or something.

      Yeah, that sounds lame, just trying to show how fucking long I've
      been waiting. I know Matt's #1 choice is the "Boredoms" (as far as
      he knows)and as soon as I found out about Matt doing ATP, I e-mailed
      Boretronix saying, see ya in (whenever when was supposed to be
      June???) and they said NO, they will only be playing Europe. Then
      the Boredoms name was listed on the ATP LA lineup a month or so
      later. Actually things ended up exactly how they said.

      I wouldn't be caught Dead at Burning Man, but its weird when you go
      on all the Japanese sites of the Clubs that EYE DJ's at and shit,
      they ALL have links to Burning Man, all kinds of other sites have
      links too. And pictures of their trips, etc. How sad. The all
      night parties and concerts they have their look way more happening
      (except for the psychedelics of course). Wonder if those jap raves
      people down a case of red bull each or something?? I've always
      wondered how they do that, Eye just did an 8 hr. DJ marathon.
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