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      Reviews :: Otomo Yoshihide, Susumu Yokota

      reviews and sound samples from Other Music. nice preview of improvising
      experimentalist Otomo Yoshihide's other field of work: film scores. and
      susumu's latest, which unfortunately, sounds rather club friendly.

      source: Other Music

      OTOMO YOSHIHIDE "Blue" (Weather Headz) CD $18.99
      Finally! A more widely available version of some of Otomo Yoshide's
      soundtrack work. While he may be famous for his involvement in the Japanese
      noise and improvised music scenes, few people are aware of Yoshide's vast
      catalog of soundtrack work. Here we are presented with the soundtrack to
      Ando Hiroshi's 2002 film "Blue." For someone who has never heard any of
      Yoshide's soundtrack work, the 11-pieces contained on "Blue" may at first
      seem like a rather extreme departure from the much noisier experiments he
      has been taking part in for over 20-years. But not all too surprisingly,
      there are consistent themes ingrained in his body of work that are still
      evident in this suite of gentle and uncharacteristically clean productions.
      While Yoshide is truly a master of restraint, his simple melodies never
      become boring or arbitrary. He achieves a sense of fullness by using only
      the minimum of key elements; guitar, recorder, synth and percussion are
      blended together in various configurations to invoke something both
      desperate and refined. From the celestial, almost Popol Vuh like guitar
      playing of the 15-minute final track "The Sea," to the subtle harmonics of
      "Blue 4 (Demo Version)", "Blue" is an expansive journey that becomes more
      rewarding with each listen. Here's to hoping the film makes it to NYC. [KH]

      SUSUMA YOKOTA "Over Head" (Play) $17.99
      A new Susumu Yokota album! Great! But the usually serene, Asian
      motif-filled cover art has been replaced with a bold, angular futurescape,
      with what looks like a bullet train speeding by... Sure enough, the visual
      change is matched in the sound. Unlike his recent pastoral and cinematic
      soundscapes, on "Over Head," Yokota's sound becomes much more urban.
      Breakbeat treatments reminiscent of We's "As Is" LP move stealthily through
      breath-y digitized voices, sci-fi melodies, various samples and
      drum-n-bass-style bass disruptions. True to form, the Asian instrument
      samples appear in the form of looped Indian violin, sitar bits and tabla
      accents. The difference is, this time out Yokota chooses to let his samples
      simply frame the breaks, while the drum patterns remain as the driving
      force behind the track. The results end up being similar to early Biosphere
      in the way that the beats pound relentlessly without erasing the emotive
      strength of the melodies. Not the most in-fashion move he could have made,
      but a successful album nonetheless. [SM]

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