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Re: Yo Digizmoe!RE:Eye's projects

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  • surrealeye_2001
    Where can you get the mix CD?I m trying not to buy something just cuz EYE did it,some of his work doesn t amuse me.But I d be interested to hear if he could
    Message 1 of 327 , Nov 20, 2000
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      Where can you get the mix CD?I'm trying not to
      buy something just cuz EYE did it,some of his work
      doesn't amuse me.But I'd be interested to hear if he
      could make a cohesive mix.I do like DJ Krush,for
      instance.It would be interesting to hear EYE do something not
      so uh,destructive,although Boredoms are pretty
      groove oriented lately.........
    • andonedreamer
      wow i drove out from chicago to catch that pontiac MI show !!! Talk about unreal!!! I was worried about how the show would be without yoshikawa but they just
      Message 327 of 327 , Jul 12, 2002
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        wow i drove out from chicago to catch that pontiac MI show !!! Talk
        about unreal!!! I was worried about how the show would be without
        yoshikawa but they just transcended anything i was even remotely
        expecting....that show was even better than the Chicago show the next
        night primarily because their sound guy was a bit off on his timing
        on many effects...but pontiac was just absolutely perfect!

        -- In theboredoms@y..., alterego100usa <no_reply@y...> wrote:
        > the shirt pictured on this site was purchased by me during the 1999
        > tour (pontiac mi), looks better in-person, though the design is as
        > intricate as it is relatively small. i passed on getting a shirt on
        > the lollapalooza tour 'way back when because that one was virtually
        > unreadable, though it was loaded with tiny characters all over.---
        > theboredoms@y..., andonedreamer <no_reply@y...> wrote:
        > > Hiya marc!
        > >
        > > Actually I had purchased those shirts but in a faded pale rose
        > color
        > > during their last tour of the US in Michigan and Chicago so yes
        > they
        > > are official... :)
        > >
        > > I've also bought quite a few in Osaka during my trips there and
        > > another friend had bought LOTS while he toured Japan as well and
        > > think he and his fiance are still selling spme of them on
        > Ebay ...at
        > > least they had been recently because they can use the cash to
        > > across the usa..! I can't remember their ebay name offhand but
        > if
        > > you are still interested I can find out and post later so you
        > do
        > > a search for them! I know they've been keeping them in mint
        > storage
        > > condition and have the most wacky designs (being a friend I tend
        > > get first dibs!). :)
        > >
        > > But as for my experience I had toured Asia (Seoul, Korea (my
        > > is korean); HK; and Osaka, Japan (sister city to where I live
        > > Chicago!)....and was able to find numerous awesome Boredoms/UFO
        > > DIE/Hanatarash/Merzbow/Ruins shirts!!...many of them are
        > > rare and done in incredibly limited quanities primarily because
        > they
        > > are completely lovingly handcrafted and cost a lot to create...
        > (these
        > > aren't the typical cheap silkscreen style shirts like the ones
        > > pointed out).....but done by either EyE or other band members,
        > > etc....all of this unfortunately translates into exhorbitantly
        > > prices...when I went the exchange rate was already murder
        > enough....i
        > > think i spent about $1450 on shirts alone (each one costing about
        > $75-
        > > 95max!!!!!!)....the more common shirts like the ones you link too
        > > were sold for a more reasonable $25-35 exchange rate.....
        > >
        > > I was also able to get that box set of VisionCreationNewsun and
        > > shirt that came with that was completely white with the
        > > being also white so it was white on white...hard to read...Love
        > it!!!
        > > There is also a brilliant visioncreationnewsun shirt out that
        > > features EyE showing off his photorealistic art stage and has
        > > cool glowing skull with crazy electric hair and a fetus residing
        > > the brain!....
        > >
        > > anyhow enough of my drivel.... :)
        > >
        > > beth
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > > --- In theboredoms@y..., marc2000000000 wrote:
        > > > Hey guys, boredoms stuff is so hard to come by
        > > > that it's easy to suspect a lot of things aren't
        > > > really that official. I was looking at the following
        > > > site
        > > > {<a href=http://www.andale.com/stores/sf_catHome.jsp?
        > > sid=10185&mode=1&catId=1056541&pnum=1&psize=10&pageIndex=-1}
        > > target=new>http://www.andale.com/stores/sf_catHome.jsp?
        > > sid=10185&mode=1&catId=1056541&pnum=
        > > > 1&psize=10&pageIndex=-1}</a> and found some boredoms shirts i
        > > interested
        > > > in, but...are these REALLY official shirts of the
        > > > boredoms? Just wondering...<br><br>Also, does anyone know
        > > > of any other sites that have boredoms merchandise
        > > > for sale? Thanks
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