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ATP: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Ricky!!!

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  • Claude Zachary
    Its been over a month now since I got this info., and I was waiting until it became official to post anything, and it now has. OOIOO is no longer playing ATP
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 26 3:14 AM
      Its been over a month now since I got this info., and I was waiting
      until it became official to post anything, and it now has. OOIOO
      is no longer playing ATP and are not on the ATP website anymore, its
      the biggest musical bummer I've dealt with in years, but its for
      positive reasons. Yoshimi is a mommy now, (I noticed after I was
      told she had a baby, how much she was showing on the video for Fuji
      2002, man that baby's gonna have some rhythm!). So with the baby,
      Vooredoms, side projects, and who knows what else, she doesn't think
      she has time to get it together for OOIOO to play, I think they've
      played in Japan with their new bass player but I'm not positive,
      anyone know? "Roggae" from this list and my MSN group was able to
      get a refund and got his $100 back, sorry if anyone else has bought
      tickets, I just didn't feel right posting personal or undecided shit
      on the net until it was 100%. So you can call and ask about OOIOO
      and when they say they have cancelled then ask for your money back,
      if u want.

      I'll freak out if I miss the Vooredoms set, but its not worth $100
      for ONE band, since I'm soooooo insanely poor. I mean there are some
      other bands like Wire & Patti Smith (who was still amazing in '95,
      shit thats 8 yrs. ago. scary!), but the bands I want to see I could
      see almost any year, except for the Magic Band re-union?? with band
      members that have never played together??? I'm curious to see what
      its gonna be like, but get this!!! The Magic Band's set is NOT
      included in the $100 ticket price!! Its a separate show. This years
      ATP has been a disaster from the start! I've tried to get High Rise
      to come but it doesn't look like its gonna happen. I had an e-mail
      forwarded to Matt by a friend of his over 6 months ago with links to
      the Epitomic site with 7 complete High Rise songs but I don't know,
      I guess they're not artie johnson enough for him, or he never
      looked. But for a huge Simpsons worshiper like me, I was totally
      shocked to find out he doesn't like DE-VO, so I don't know how
      someone like that thinks.

      Then there it is also probable that they won't come at all to avoid
      stepping foot on US war soil, I wouldn't blame them one bit, I'd be
      more proud of them actually. Last year it was a high possibility,
      but it was their friends Sonic Youth who put on the show, but I'm
      sure they were offered good $$$$ this time, since MG's such a big
      fan. If they come, the LA show will be the only one they will play
      in the US on Saturday night, June 21st, hopefully NOT at the
      Hollywood Paladium. Does anyone know why Cornelius cancelled???
      I'd imagine maybe kinda the same reasons.

      And for some real GOOD news, Narita from High Rise has put up two
      songs from a video from The DOORS, Tokyo(December15,2002) on the
      official High Rise site, "Disallow" and "Psychedelic Speed Freaks".
      ATR is playing drums but you can't really see him due to the low
      resolution and the Insane fucking psychedelic movies and lights they
      are showing behind them, its too amazing, I'd give anything to see

      Here's the new line up, and links for ATP:

      Here's a link to info about Yoshimi & Yuka's album & recording:

      Here's a link to where to buy the album:
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