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72Re: long time no see

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  • battleactionjesus
    Sep 8, 2000
      Hey everyone, I'm the new person that just joined
      the group. As a response to djanjankyo, there have
      been tons of great concerts in new york this summer.
      I, myself, amd from MI and actually flew out to new
      york for about 10 days just to see a bunch of
      concerts. Nearly every week either tonic or the knitting
      factory has at least one cool show going on. Hell, I got
      to see Yoshida from Ruins perform two nights in a
      row. Can't go wrong there. As for Boredoms side
      projects, the couple ruins-hatoba collaboration albums are
      pretty fun, as is the band Sun Kich. Anyway, that's all
      the input I have for now. Have a great weekend,
      everyone. <br>Adam
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