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66long time no see

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  • bore_1971
    Aug 17, 2000
      sup.<br>jim,i hope you will recover soon.<br>you
      don't have to make copies in a hurry.never
      mind!<br><br>djanjankyo, i am so sorry to late to send you the
      <br>alteredstates'copy. i can send them to you next months, i promise! i
      hope you do not offend with<br>me.<br><br>all the
      members are enjoying the summertime?<br>anyone will go to
      the beastieboys' show?<br>i went to the summersonic
      fenstival 2000 in osaka<br>japan. i saw greenday,weezer,at
      the drive in,living end, and mansun.<br>i enjoyed
      their play except mansun.<br>i am expecting to see
      badbrains in september.<br>i cannot separate music from my
      life. <br>can you?
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