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656[the boredoms] Re: OOIOO - Gold & Green in USA?

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    Oct 25, 2002
      --- In theboredoms@y..., Mark Swartz <mark@2...> wrote:
      > Aquarius says they don't have it. Furthermore,
      > they say it's out of print and can't be got.

      Aquarius (and/or their distributor) is full of crap. HMV Japan has
      six OOIOO entries, all of which are in stock or can be obtained
      relatively quickly at decent prices. (The Japanese releases are 2718
      Yen, or about US$22, before shipping and such.) They are:

      Feather Float (Japanese release)
      Feather Float (U.S. release)
      Gold & Green
      S/T (Japanese release)
      S/T (U.S. release)
      Shock City Shockers Vol. 2: OOIOO Remix
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