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654RE: [the boredoms] Re: OOIOO - Gold & Green in USA?

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  • gygax
    Oct 24, 2002
      SF folks: there were used copies of dj pika pika pika
      as well as super ae in the green puffy case for $15
      (less 20%) each about a week ago during the sale at
      open mind on divis. not sure if they're still there
      but i did score some great early Mego slipsleeve stuff
      and some used Kompakt 12"s.

      --- michael calore <mike@...> wrote:
      > Aquarius is sometimes difficult to order from
      > because their physical
      > location is extremely small. it's about the side of
      > a studio apartment, and
      > not much bigger than a small one bedroom. therefore,
      > they don't keep a large
      > stock, and they do a brisk mailorder business on top
      > of that. many of their
      > choice items sell out a day or two after their
      > twice-monthly "New Arrivals"
      > email goes out. they probably kept the OOIOO cd in
      > stock for a few months,
      > and then sold out of it. but since they wrote about
      > it on their site and in
      > their email list, the entry will stay up there and
      > continue to return hits
      > when their database is searched. they hardly ever
      > remove items from their
      > database, but they do list items as "out of print"
      > once they've received
      > confirmation of that fact from the label or the
      > distributor.
      > when you DO order something from them, they will try
      > their hardest to get it
      > for you, and i've found them to be very helpful
      > about recommedations toward
      > other outlets after they've tried to get something
      > for you and failed.
      > i've got a standing order for Dj Pica Pica Pica at
      > AQ that i call in to
      > check up on every now and then. so, what i'm saying
      > is, try them! they're
      > good! Aquarius is still one of the best outlets on
      > the west coast for
      > japanese music of any kind.
      > -m
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