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507Re: emerson lake and boredoms?

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    Aug 5, 2002
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      --- In theboredoms@y..., "wingsoftoast" <wingsoftoast@y...> wrote:
      > any thoughts????

      I see what you mean about Rovo, and in fact had many of the same
      thoughts -- not just with the live set, but also with their
      track "SINO" on the split release with DCPRG. Sometimes I wonder if
      they think a lot more is coming out of those lengthy jams than really
      is. SINO is particular seemed like a few *very* long segments strung
      together without much spirit. I'm tempted to say they should be a
      studio-only band, despite the considerable pedigree of all the

      Also, it has been said that if post-rock stretches out far enough, it
      will double back on prog. I think you can make the case bands like
      Rovo could go into the prog realm, but Boredoms seem too, well, vital
      to settle into any one style or genre for long. I mean, I'm not
      really sure what you would classify them as now.


      PS - that said, if you've read that old Alles interview where Eye is
      dissing the band's playing abilities, you know that "skill" is
      something that they want (similar to prog bands). Isn't it strange
      to read about Japanese bands openly wishing they could play better
      when most American acts would have you believe they couldn't care
      less for that kind of thing? And Boredoms of all bands saying it!
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