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505Re: emerson lake and boredoms?

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  • fastyouth81
    Aug 5, 2002
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      i think that eye is the deciding factor in whats serious. remember
      that rovo is yamamoto and katsui yuji's group and yamamoto does not
      necessarily share all the same musical idea's as eye. i think eye's
      sense of humor is what got him acclaim in the first place and it
      would seem ludicrous to all of a sudden become this serious musician
      because the music resembles "serious" kraut-rock. and i love rovo,
      but one group i can do without is AOA. and while we are on the
      subject of boredoms "worsts". what do you think the worst boredoms
      side project is? i think it is mystic fugu orchestra.


      --- In theboredoms@y..., sooooo spicy <idiotsalad@y...> wrote:
      > i agree about your thoughts on the rovo live album. i
      > was pretty dissapointed, and despite everyone giving
      > props to bill laswell, i thought the drums were
      > mastered too low and the sound of the album is
      > altogether a little empty. i did think their studio
      > release was pretty amazing. however, sometimes i just
      > can't listen to them because they seem too serious. i
      > think this is your point.
      > boredoms and ooioo have more of a carefree spirit
      > where you feel like some crazy sound could just pop up
      > out of no where, or the song could completely change
      > or stop and pretty birds would start chirping. rovo
      > doesn't really have that same excitement with them.
      > their songs are interesting, it's just in a different
      > way... which isn't a way i personally like as much.
      > i'm not dissing rovo at all though, there's some
      > really cool sounds coming out of them. it's just i'm
      > huge fan of fun vs. serious music. it has to do with
      > how i look at the world... and don't want to take
      > anything too seriously... it feels more honest to be
      > wacky.
      > i can see why you'de be a little worried boredoms are
      > going down this road, too. i dunno, though, i haven't
      > thought about it much... and i'm not really scared
      > they're going to go bad or anything.
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