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498Re: Super Roots 5

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  • fastyouth81
    Aug 4, 2002
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      i'm sorry, but i'm going to have to speak up on behalf of the
      glorious cacaphony that is WOW2. there are moments on this record in
      which an impulse jostles my body into blind frenzy of dance (2:00
      minutes into DOMSBORE or 1:20 minutes into MOGO?). and on that note,
      i think this record showcases certain qualities not captured on other
      records. A) yoshimi as a drummer/trumpeter and a vocalist is in top
      form on this record. this is definitely my favorite yoshimi record.
      B)the absence of cut-paste allows us to witness the boredoms in their
      most primal state. they are completely unhinged from eye's
      production techniques and i'm not slamming eye's production, but it's
      just here we see boredoms as a true live unit. in that sense this is
      their most down-to-earth production to date. C) JUST LISTEN TO THIS
      RECORD FOR GOD-SAKES! How could we live with out JET NET or HEPS or
      DOMSDOMS or ON (the first song i ever heard by the boredoms). i
      dunno, if this doesn't convince you listen to the cd as many times as
      possible. it's just that WOW2 (along with Soul Discharge and Super
      AE) are records that personally take me back to some of the best
      times in my life, so i always defend them.
      ps note that WOW2 was produced by boredoms and John Zorn.

      --- In theboredoms@y..., surrealeye_2001 <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Me-personally-myself-I think the Super Roots series are hit and
      > sometimes,of course it's basically just screwing around so maybe
      > doesn't count as a full album.I downloaded a few of the Super Roots
      > or 4 the ones with MagicMilk,Sexy Boredoms,I didn't care for that
      > all.My favorite is still number 6,and Eye's 4 year-old-on-a-drum-
      > machine remix of Jungle Taitei was pointless IMO.
      > Let's see,the one that doesn't grab me all the time is Chocolate
      > Synthesizer.I have to pick and choose what I play on that,it's so
      > noisy and abrasive and the sound quality just buzzing.I wish the
      > Boredoms had more bottom end in their recordings in general.On some
      > of the songs from Melt Banana's At Light Velocity,there is very
      > production where the bass is up front and the drums are crisp,much
      > better than what Zorn did with Bore on Wow2.
      > On the other side,Pop Tatari is a classic of What the F**k? art.
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