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496Re: Super Roots 5

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  • trigger_goldberg
    Aug 4, 2002
      I'm never one to blindly worship. Yet somehow, in some way, I
      manage to find an extreme amount of enjoyment in almost every
      single Boredoms release I've encountered. The only Boredoms
      records I don'r care for are the REBORE series and, funnily
      enough, SUPER ROOTS 5. In the case of REBORE, I just don't
      like dance mixes and all four editions (including eYe's) seem to
      tread too closely to that territory for my pleasure. And as for
      SUPER ROOTS 5-- it's not that I don't love the idea, it's just that
      aesthetically I do not enjoy the sounds created within it.
      Regarding the rest of the Bore catalog, though, I can find
      something to love-- literally, love-- about everything else. I even
      love SUPER ROOTS 2 if only because it's probably their most
      irreverent release (it's not even 6 minutes long!). I didn't like
      CHOCOLATE SYNTHESIZER a lot at first, but I just listened to it
      again yesterday and I don't know why I didn't. I think it's top form,
      but then again they're rarely not top form. I simply don't judge the
      Boredoms the same way I judge other bands, and yet I don't
      think that qualifies as a bias, especially when I can honestly say I
      love it all and why.

      I do have favorites, though. Top three would have to be 3) VISION
      CREATION NEWSUN (blissful stuff), 2) POP TATARI (the art of
      screaming has never been so marvelously perfected), and not
      just 1) in the Bore catalog but an all time 1)-- SUPER AE. Nothing
      less than the instantaneous creation of a 27-dimensional
      parallel universe every time I put the goddamn thing on. This is
      what the Boredoms are.

      --- In theboredoms@y..., surrealeye_2001 <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Me-personally-myself-I think the Super Roots series are hit
      and miss
      > sometimes,of course it's basically just screwing around so
      maybe that
      > doesn't count as a full album.I downloaded a few of the Super
      Roots 2
      > or 4 the ones with MagicMilk,Sexy Boredoms,I didn't care for
      that at
      > all.My favorite is still number 6,and Eye's 4 year-old-on-a-drum-
      > machine remix of Jungle Taitei was pointless IMO.
      > Let's see,the one that doesn't grab me all the time is
      > Synthesizer.I have to pick and choose what I play on that,it's so
      > noisy and abrasive and the sound quality just buzzing.I wish
      > Boredoms had more bottom end in their recordings in
      general.On some
      > of the songs from Melt Banana's At Light Velocity,there is very
      > production where the bass is up front and the drums are
      > better than what Zorn did with Bore on Wow2.
      > On the other side,Pop Tatari is a classic of What the F**k? art.
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