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486Re: Super Roots 5

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  • chiketee
    Aug 1, 2002
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      WHAT?? I think Super Roots 5 is excellant - not sure i understood what
      i had got when i first listened to it - but its grown on me soo much -
      I love SR5 - Its better than SR7 inspired by the Mekons - and both are
      better than SR8 a tribute to Osamu Tezuka - So 5 is much more into
      their own world -
      I usually listen to it while im working - loud - and time flies by -
      and when you get hypnotised into the groove you really notice the
      chord changes - and its 64 minutes of rock out - I love it lots!

      Personally the worst CD is wow2 because the recorded quality wasnt so
      great, maybe because it wasnt official..

      Also, have you heard Super Roots 2 - now that is a rare item that
      costs waaay too much for very little - thats where the gripes should be -

      I think, although hard to find, you can still buy SR 7, theres a few
      SR 5 about, and lots of SR8.. keep checking all the bookmarked cd
      stores and jump on them when you get a chance.

      > I have it on mp3, but have never seen the CD listed for sale. While
      > we're on the topic, what would any of you consider the worst Boredoms
      > CD? I think it would be SR5, just for sheer lack of motivation to
      > play it often. I know there is something of a mystical noise-trance
      > aspect of it, but it's not nearly as interesting to me as what they
      > did with the same vibe on the albums after that.
      > Dominique
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