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479Re: Super Roots 5

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  • wingsoftoast
    Aug 1, 2002
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      more of another question than an answer - i'm trying to get super
      roots 7 myself - is it out of print? i've tried the lovely people at
      forcedexposure and aquarius + they say that they're waiting for stock-

      by the way in case you hadn't already looked : http://www.ottawa-
      anime.org/~eyevocal/boredoms/boredisc.htm (updated popkiss
      discography) has super roots 5 as being available
      but god knows where

      -- In theboredoms@y..., "ginjit2002" <ginjit@f...> wrote:
      > Hello - I have a question: exactly how rare is Super Roots 5? While
      > and 7 often turn up on ebay, I have never seen No.5. Does it come
      > the same type of cardboard sleeve as No.7? I wait and wait with a
      > ridiculous sum of money set aside to bid on it, but I never see it!
      > The hole in my collection is causing me to lose sleep :-( !!!
      > Thanks for any info.
      > Jim
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