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440New EYE mix disc

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  • Arthur Gadney
    Jun 29, 2002

      I just found the following CD and I was wondering if anybody has heard it
      and could comment (especielly interested in the EYE disc of course!):

      V/A E2-E4 2001: Tribute To Manuel G�ttsching (Saldisc)
      Manuel G�ttsching, founder of legendary Kraut pioneers Ash Ra Temple,
      recorded a few records in the eighties under his own name. "E2-E4", the
      first among them and recorded in 1981, is hailed as a classic and is a great
      influence for early Detroit techno artists like Derrick May and Carl Craig.
      The resonant timelessness of said record has extended beyond and has
      continuously popped up within more recent minimalist techno circles -- most
      noticeably within the Cologne scene. And this collection reveals that Japan
      has obviously been listening too. Disc one collects reinterpretations by the
      likes of Rovo, Sugar Plant, Buffalo Daughter, Dub Squad, Hi Speed & Star
      Light Express, and two other indecipherable acts (sorry, nobody here can
      read Japanese!) Disc two is an extended mix by the mighty EYE of the
      Boredoms! You probably already know if you need this based on the presence
      of the contributing artists, but let it be said that none of these tracks
      are representative of any of their 'normal' works. And there's always the
      theory that if it ain't broke, don't fix it! Check out "E2-E4" by G�ttsching
      for the real deal!


      PS: Why not put the two yahoo Boredoms mailing lists together? I didn't find
      any difference between them!

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