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380Re: VCN Box set

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  • chiketee
    Apr 11, 2002
      > I read on Boredoms.co.uk that track 3 is the same as heart but no
      > drums, a chilled out version.
      > nevermind anyway, ill get it soon enough and find out myself :)

      Yeah - VCN is well worth having - you wont regret it, even the noises
      that come out of the box will make you smile (i havent dared wear the
      tshirt - and i wont untill i get to see them in the UK : ) -
      There are 3 tracks on the extra cd and the third track is an Eye
      version of the heart track but not as long. It doesnt list it as a
      remix but listening to it back to back - its has to be a variation.
      I keep forgetting to write the length of the track i will try and
      change that. Oh good, another good excuse to listen to it all again
      to check for sure.
      Its also worth having the normal release of Vision Creation Newsun EP
      for the variation of the live show, if you havent got it allready
      that is..


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