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37Re: differences between shi&see......

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  • djanjankyo
    Jul 1, 2000
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      hi<br>I'm not japanese but from a japanese
      perspective I can understand how you would see the sounds as
      being similar if not the same since see in japanese
      would be written with the shi character. I don't know
      if you have been to america or europe but we make a
      very clear distinction between saying see and she.
      they have the same vowel sound but she is like a
      breath of air and see is said with the tongue suspended
      with no breath of air.<br>I hope this does not offend
      you. I'm just discussing and not arguing. I have no
      wishes for enemies. <br>I orignally thought you were in
      american, not japanese which is why I responded.<br>its
      funny that you recommend rashinban because in america
      rashinban is not available and few people really know about
      the project. my last girlfriend was japanese and she
      really liked a particular rashinban album which I don't
      think is available anymore.<br>per chance, do you have
      shock city shockers? do you know anything about the
      side projects on the album?
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