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355Re: New Release????

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  • surrealeye_2001
    Apr 6, 2002
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      > the tape of the show is only interrupted by my "fuck,yes!" screams
      > after the first 30minute (or so) jam.

      What tape?Is this audio or video?It's really frustrating to me that I
      can't find any video from their shows of the last few years.There's
      that clip of them from Fuji around'99,wish it was full length.I did
      have one video,but the sound was so poor I gave it away.Any of you
      traders out there have prime Bore vids from the new era?I would be
      willing to pay,as I have nothing to trade(save an old Aube vid and
      Melt Banana,which all the traders already have I'm sure).

      Anyway,even though I'm one of those bumps on a log who just stand
      there the whole time,I agree with you.I think part of the problem is
      70%of the audience who just show up for the show without knowing who
      the band is.So throughout the whole thing they're trying to figure
      out what the hell it is they're seeing.I do remember the last time I
      saw them,before the show there were these punkers hanging
      outside.Fairly nice chaps but they didn't know who Bore were and I
      said"it's an acquired taste"they put on a great show(love those drums
      just pounding into my chest during Super Going).But as I exited the
      club to hear some kids saying"Man was that intense?"who do I find but
      the little punk kid,sitting a block away.Yeah.I love those people
      that walk out of Bore shows,"screw this man".No offense but I'm also
      surprised to see girls at these shows.I mean I saw my first Ruins
      show and I'm thinking,why are there so many girls here?Not that girls
      can't have good taste,but you know it takes a little effort to find
      such refreshing and challenging music like this.Most girls I run into
      wouldn't pursue new sounds to this end.They're happy with
      singersongwrites and whatever MTV or local radio tells them is cool.
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