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353Re: New Release????

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  • alterego100usa
    Apr 3, 2002
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      we'd all look forward to a forthcoming release, of course, which
      heightens the interest in more information. hopefully there will be
      more info soon--there is nothing to suggest it could be on another
      label, even (esp. if a pseudonymous release is likely)--and the label
      did make clear that their contact is limited to the group mgr. in the
      absence of an official website or other open promotional vehicle,
      there is fortunately info such as yours to follow up with in trying
      to determine current activity and the anticipation of more excitement.
      i'll never forget the 1999 concert, the third time i saw boredoms.
      our jaws were slack for well over an hour, total delirious disbelief.
      the tape of the show is only interrupted by my "fuck,yes!" screams
      after the first 30minute (or so) jam. it was the kind of effect i'd
      imagine a group like mc5 had on their audiences, but obviously a
      whole different dimension of sonic delirium.
      by the way, why no 'official' video releases in usa? surely a
      criminal oversight. this group is amazingly visual. five broken
      guitar strings and all kinds of chaose, eye diving headfirst into the
      floor, etc. during that '99 show. anyone who hasn't seen them should
      be heavily prepared for a psychotomimetic trip if they tour the usa.
      thanks for your response...let's stay tuned....--- In
      theboredoms@y..., exfedex2000 <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > 1- I spoke with Eye at ATP for a good half an hour with some other
      > friends about all kinds of things. One subject was that of the
      > performance they had JUST finished in the next room being released
      > a CD. He said it was already recorded and will be out in the
      > 2- This will be a release under the pseudonym Voooordoms not The
      > Boredoms.
      > 3- Since it took Birdman two years to release VCN, I think I want
      > believe Eye. Of course if you want to wait for a domestic release
      > this Vooooordoms disc, then yes there probably won't be anything
      > very soon.
      > The Email address on Super AR will definitely settle this I think.
      > ;-)
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