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2980Re: new boredoms stuff?????????????

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  • alterego100usa
    Feb 9, 2009
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      Sixty pounds! How can anyone attempt to justify that ridiculous
      overpricing? I recall trying to get Cornelius and Boredoms import CDs
      in the US ten years ago, and they were $50 US even then, just crazy.
      (Of course, bootleg retail prices are just as bad). At that time I
      saw the band live for $15 (US), which sort of shows the dichotomy of
      why many think the music industry rips people off. --- In
      theboredoms@yahoogroups.com, "wingsoftoast" <wingsoftoast@...> wrote:
      > wow, you go away for a few months and look what happens. HMV japan
      > got the boadrum cd/dvd priced at about 60 uk pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      > (funnily priced 7777 yen - ha ha) there's also a 12" of something +
      > super roots 10. I must say, a year ago I'd have plunged straight
      > my magical debt card to get this stuff, but looking at all the
      > I'm not so sure if i'm bothered.
      > I know there's an attraction in collecting stuff that's 'hard to
      > by' (even if the internet makes it dead easy, as long as you're
      > prepared to pay the money),but really - can anyone say that the
      > has done anything really different in the last nine years? They've
      > become something of a leftfield institution recently, so they could
      > pretty much release the sound of Eye clicking his fingers 777 times
      > someone would run out and buy it. I can't help thinking of ageing
      > hippies such as Hawkwind, eternally touring, eternally doing the
      > thing in front of a fervently loyal, unquestioning fan-base...
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