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2954Re: 77 Boa Drum 2cd + dvd + book

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  • exfedex2000
    Dec 13, 2008
      Got my copy from CDJapan a few weeks back. The audio is MEGA! The
      earth shook while I had it on in the car earlier this week.

      The DVD is a RIP-OFF! Very disappointing. With all the cameras they
      had at that event they should have very easily been able to put
      together the entire 100 minutes on video. The cool part about the
      video is that I actually found myself in it! 25 minutes of footage
      just isn't enough though.

      Where's the DVD of that documentary?

      --- In theboredoms@yahoogroups.com, ripleyjames@... wrote:
      > From Aquarius Records in San Francisco:
      > album cover
      > []
      > BOREDOMS
      > []
      > 77 Boa Drum
      > []
      > (Commons)
      > []
      > 2cd + dvd + Book
      > []
      > 125.00
      > []
      > It's finally here! An audio / video document of the amazing 77 Boa
      > Drum performance that took place in Brooklyn on July 7th, 2007.
      > Originally filmed for a full length theatrical and dvd
      > release, those plans were scrapped for some reason, so this right
      > here is the only documentof that fantastic and now legendary
      > performance. Available only as a very pricey import, 77 Boa Drum
      > contains 2cds, a full recording of the performance split into two
      > halves, a dvd, featuring 20 minutes of video from the event, all
      > housed in a massive and gorgeously designed green and gold hardcover
      > book, packed with tons of photos, including a couple of our very own
      > Andee, who was one of the 77, diagrams of the drum layout, various
      > text and other imagery. It's really pretty fantastic, totally deluxe
      > and elaborate. And beyond object as art, listening to the recordings,
      > the sound is massive and powerful and beautiful, more than just a
      > spectacle, it was a sprawling chunk or rhythmic organic sound,
      > equally composed and improvised, the power of that many drummers,
      > each contributing his or her own style, combined with the Boredoms
      > three drummer attack, and Eye's homemade multi necked guitar and
      > spaced out electronics. If you missed it, you might want to think
      > about picking one of these up (cheaper than the plane ticket woulda
      > been, right?). And even if you were there, that almost makes this
      > even more essential, an amazing, over the top, keepsake of one of the
      > most amazing performances we've ever seen or been a part of, and the
      > very first Boa Drum.
      > Needless to say, this is crazy limited, and we only have a few of
      > these. When we run out, we'll hopefully be able to get more, but
      > there's certainly no guarantee. So if you really want one, act fast.
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