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2923Re: interview with EYE and Yoshimi at the AV club

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  • almurphy56
    May 19, 2008
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      we would all wish to see a bigger tour, but i think, given the
      realities of touring today, boredoms have done a good job at bringing
      in new fans, i mean, 77 last summer is a case in point. that was
      certainly not existing boredoms fans. that was the shit to see! i came
      up from virginia for it, and was totally blown away at the response to
      the event. i guess we can thank this new world of internet hype and
      blogs and shit for that. i see it as kind of bittersweet that boredoms
      have been sucked into the blogosphere and all that, on the one hand
      its great for expanding an audience, but of course there's all the
      internet bullshit and short attention spans that i see all over
      message boards (like the av club one i just read)that i hate to see my
      favorite band getting sucked into. so i think it is the right way to
      go to spread the word to your friends, other people, in person. the
      internet these days is a lion's den, people's attention spans get
      shorter by the minute.
      also, boredoms have kind of had a zeppelin-esque approach to touring,
      which, with fewer and more centralized shows in the states, has the
      effect of making them more anticipated, memorable and talked-about
      events. but yes, i agree, bad promotion squashes that approach pretty
      anyway, pointless post. but it's definitely the best to bring people
      to a show. i brought 2 of my friends to boadrum, and their heads were
      blown 20 miles into the sky just like that.

      --- In theboredoms@yahoogroups.com, alterego100usa <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > Yes, it has become prohibitive for bands to make the trip physically
      > these days. I was seriously going to try for Philadelphia or DC, made
      > several direct inquiries, but venues in both cities put tickets on
      > sale extremely close to the event dates, and with my work, I had to
      > know some absolutes, like concert dates and ticket availability, to
      > be able to free up the time. Websites for both of those venues
      > finally only listed the concerts a matter of a few weeks or so before
      > the shows. Lodging in those cases would not have been a problem at
      > all, as I have close family in that region. A smaller-scale analogy
      > can be applied with the talented local musicians I know, many of whom
      > play in a cycle of venues in front of generally identical small
      > groups of fans. I do go to see them each on occasion (or when
      > grouped, as is most often, in package shows) but they're also
      > personal friends of mine, so I see them anyway and get their CDs
      > free, etc. They often see the same faces when they play because it's
      > so difficult for these musicians to get to play additional venues
      > with owners who aren't corrupt or disinterested. Because of this (in
      > part), their live audience does not really expand unless they can
      > expand their territory of coverage. A group like Boredoms has an
      > exceptional live performance approach that I believe would really
      > expand their audience to very rewarding proportions IF others could
      > be exposed to that art. That's where that investment toward
      > touring/A&R/etc. can pay off quickly. I would've seen them this year
      > if those venues had simply advertised tickets a reasonable length of
      > time before the concerts, but that has nothing to do with Boredoms,
      > just poor advertising. Even if they'd played Toronto, I would've been
      > there; maybe that could be considered next time around?--- In
      > theboredoms@yahoogroups.com, Joe Janecek <joejanecek@> wrote:
      > >
      > > >but now they each limit their total USA appearances to just a few
      > very
      > > large (and sometimes regionally-clustered) cities, so neither are
      > > really expanding their audiences by number anymore, just playing to
      > the
      > > existing fans. This is truly a shame.<
      > >
      > > Yes, the bigger problem is that ticket sales do not pay for the
      > tours
      > > here in the US for the international acts. Even WB, back in the day,
      > > had trouble bringing a band over for a long run, as it was very
      > > expensive. Now those days are certainly past, as labels won't spend
      > the
      > > cash unless they get a specific ROI- return on investment.
      > >
      > > When Boredoms were on the first part of Lollapalooza 94, the only
      > way
      > > the deal could be done was if Boredoms gave up their portion of the
      > > Lolla t-shirt for which every band received money. That money helped
      > > alongside the funds the label also chipped in. It was a once in a
      > > lifetime opportunity for Boredoms to get that slot, so it was worth
      > it.
      > > Having Kurt Cobain and similar musicians as fans certainly helped
      > too.
      > > (BTW, part 2 of that Lolla tour featured Green Day in that opening
      > > slot, just as the band was getting huge - but I digress.)
      > >
      > > Now, Boredoms are on Vice or Thrill Jockey (SR 9), labels that tend
      > to
      > > give little monetary tour support. Tour support just isn't in the
      > > vocabulary of the indie labels, as it's rarely recouped against
      > album
      > > sales. Sadly, passion alone cannot move a band and tour bus from
      > city
      > > to city.
      > >
      > > Also, their booking agent, Windish Agency, has to be very selective
      > > give the available tour window the band has available. They need
      > > guaranteed money that makes sense for the tour at hand. Do I wish
      > Bore
      > > could do 30 dates? Sure. But the band probably has just a few weeks
      > in
      > > reality, and yes, regionally-clustered shows make travel more
      > > affordable.
      > >
      > > When you mention "playing to the existing fans" - well, I disagree
      > > there. It's your duty as a music fan, as a BORE fan, to pack up the
      > > station wagon with your friends and make them experience Boredoms.
      > Hey,
      > > Bore made it to America for you, can't you drag some friends across
      > > state lines to see them?
      > >
      > > The current music business environment has changed the game for
      > > marginal bands and labels, and the future remains uncertain. At
      > least
      > > America is inexpensive for most bands compared to years past with
      > the
      > > current exchange rates. Maybe more will take up the offer to come
      > the
      > > the USA.
      > >
      > > cheers,
      > > joe
      > >
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