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  • donny van zandt
    Aug 11, 2006
      Might as well pony up these two, Ni Hao! and Limited Express (Has Gone?) have really been squeaking it up on my iPod lately--both on Tzadik, and I think they share a member. Man, wtf is in the water in Osaka?

      Will have to search for Nisennenmondai and Squimaoto, thanks for the recommendations!


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      >if you want a japanese girl band, listen to
      >nissenenmondai (see them live) or a band i saw called squimaoto, from kobe.

      Never heard about Squimaoto before. Did they release anything?

      I'd love to see Nisennenmondai live, but doubt I will get the chance. What
      about their albums? Is the new one, "Rock-on" (or something) good?

      On the topic of japanese girlbands, what happened to COA? I can hardly find
      any information on the web. Are they still active? Any recommendations for
      their later CDs? I only have the first one.


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