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  • donny van zandt
    Aug 9, 2006
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      Was just a bit of a joke. But I think dismissing it as squeaky and bleepy like afrirampo is odd, as the trajectory from G&G --> Feather Float --> Kila Kila Kila (and their recent live stuff) leads right to Taiga. I also think this really tips its hat to OOIOO s/t in the process.

      I like that OOIOO is a bit like a musical tree, and replays its own songs a few times. I also really enjoy the noise, I thought Kila Kila Kila was a bit too soft.

      Complain all you want, but a lot of us here really like this record, and you said that we were 'off the mark.' I think it;s just that ome of us enjoy the noise and boredomsey-mess that OOIOO can be, some don't. Doesn't make us wrong. We just have different tastes.

      And James, I couldn't agree with you more. I have been waiting for years to see the boredoms, and walked out of the philly show halfway through after seeing the rehashed drum circle. I think OOIOO is moving in a direction at least, and they are a lot more interesting to me lately than the Boredoms (I thought Seadrum /HoS was amazing, though--). At least OOIOO is moving in a direction and creating new material.

      Man, this is gonna get me crucified on the boredoms list.


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      pardon me, i didn't understand that this forum was only for praise. it will be very
      interesting to read people constantly fawning over every boredoms related release.
      thanks for your help.

      --- In theboredoms@yahoogroups.com, donny van zandt <oldbenway@...> wrote:
      > Goddamn them for making something you didn't like.
      > Give me your Taiga, I'll trade it to you for my second copy of Green and Gold. You can
      just listen to that twice.
      > grin
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      > Subject: [the boredoms] ooioo/ taiga
      > for all those falling all over themselves to praise this album, i have to say that i think
      you are
      > way off. not only is there a large scale rehashing of a lot of their earlier material(riffs
      > resurfacing from older records), it just seems to go nowhere. i find the album to be
      > way too much on yelps and blips and bleeps ala afrirampo (i think afrirampo are terrible,
      > especially live). when feather float and gold and green came out they were these huge
      > forward but i find this record to be a big step back toward a safe spot compared to kila
      > kila. i liked that album enough but it still never kept me like the previously mentioned
      > maybe it will grow on me over time but i may abandon it before it gets the chance to.
      > i love boredoms and ooioo and i have for quite a long time, this stuff is really sub-par in
      > opinion. all this after shelling out $25-$30 to get it sent from japan too.

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